My Favourite Healthy Products

I’ve always tried my best to be relatively healthy. I’ve done vegan weeks and drifted in and out of dairy, refined sugar and gluten. I always feel so much better when I cut them out, but blogging about food has made this lifestyle pretty impossible!
Anyway, when I go gluten/dairy/refined sugar free, it’s not hard. It honestly isn’t. Because I’ve found the best treats on offer to curb my cravings, and do you know what? I actually love them even more than unhealthy options. I thought I’d share them with you if you’re pursuing a healthy lifestyle or just want to cut out some crap, so here you go! (Note: Not all of them are free of absolutely everything I’ve stated, but you get the jist). 
1. The Coconut Collaborative Frozen Yoghurt 
They make coconut yoghurt, but their coconut froyo is undoubtedly my favourite. Free from dairy, soya and gluten (as they are made with coconuts, doy), I fell in love after I brought home the raspberry flavour, added some fresh raspberries and licked the bowl clean in front of the TV. It was perfect for summer, and I don’t think winter will stop me from having it either!

2. Emily Fruit Crisps

These are the cutest things in the world. If you look at the back, Alex has written a very cute message to his girl, Emily. That’s just the sweetest thing/smartest product branding you’ve ever seen! Okay, apart from that, they’re absolutely delicious. I sometimes have these for breakfast when I’m in a rush. Well, it’s just fruit, isn’t it? Literally, nothing but a little oil and fruity deliciousness. 

3. Hu Paleo Chocolate

Okay, you can’t get these in the UK (they’re from America), but I couldn’t not put it on my list. Never have I tasted a chocolate with no cane sugar, refined sugar, soy lecithin, gluten, emulsifiers and GMO that’s as delicious as this. EVER. They were born in Hu Kitchen, a restaurant in New York, and after I told Frankie to go visit there, even she fell head over heels. Told you.

4. Honestly Healthy Cookbooks

I bought the two Honestly Healthy cookbooks a couple of months ago and I’ve bookmarked every recipe I intend to make (pretty much the whole books). You might already follow Honestly Healthy on Instagram, the blog or have the app, but their cookbook is a fantastic addition to my increasingly healthy kitchen. I plan to send Boy recipes and get him to cook them for me for when I get home. 

5. Hopps & Woolf Milk Maker

This is my favourite product of the list, and the only thing that isn’t edible itself. But it creates it! As you probably guessed, it’s a milk maker. You choose your ingredients (cashews, almonds, throw in some dates, whatever you like), pop them into the machine and wait 20 minutes to get your fresh, delicious milk. HOW CRAZY COOL IS THAT? THIS IS THE GREATEST INVENTION EVER. I may even put up a cheeky post of a milk recipe soon using the machine!

6. Livia’s Crumble

I first discovered Livia’s Crumble on Instagram when Ming pointed them out to me. Not long after, she raved about how good it was. Not only do these crumbles look mouth-watering and come in the most delicious flavours, they’re made with fresh fruit and packed with superfoods so you can even have them for breakfast. Zomg. 
7. Tropical Wholefoods Bars

I tried these out just because I was hungry and they were in my favourite vegan shop in Bath. But I’ve never ever looked back. Now every time I go back inside (which is every other day), I’ll always pick one up. No matter what flavour I get, they’re all delicious. They’re 100% full of everything good for you.

8. Primrose Kitchen Raw Muesli

Ming (once again) introduced this to me. We were shopping at Wholefoods and she had it in her basket. The packaging was so cute and all I could see were the words ‘raw muesli’. Sold. They’re gluten free and made with vegetables. Vegetables! You wouldn’t know it though, they’re delicious and the beetroot flavour turns your milk pink! If that doesn’t excite you at 7am, I don’t know what will. 

9. Rebel Kitchen Chocolate Mylk

This is one of the most incredible products. I have a slight obsession with chocolate milk. Now they do a lot of flavours (and kids flavours/packs!), but obviously the chocolate is my favourite (hehe). It’s free of everything bad for you, since it’s made with four ingredients: water, coconuts, dates and cacao. How crazy is that? Crazy delicious! 

10. Booja-Booja 

I don’t even know how to explain how good this is, but I’ll try. Imagine you’re craving chocolate ice-cream and you can eat away absolutely guilt-free. This could be your reality! I’ve only tried the chocolate flavour (they have loads more incredible-looking ones, as well as chocolate truffles!) and that’s also only made with 4 ingredients. Organic, dairy free, gluten free, soya free, refined sugar free. Life is good.

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