Wellness Warrior Breakfast

A couple of weeks back, I was jumping with joy when I received an invite to a Wellness Warrior Breakfast with a group of fierce healthy-eating bloggers.
Breakfast. Healthy. Bloggers. This was right up my alley (okay, a little give and take with the healthy point). 
It was at Bumpkin in Chelsea which I’d actually been dying to go to for the longest time, and hosted by two gorgeous ladies, Julie Montague and Marissa Hermer.
The private room upstairs was set up and looked so pretty! I love long tables and big groups of people dining together. And did I mention breakfast? 
There’s literally nothing better than waking up and knowing the first thing you have to do is have an amazing meal with a group of inspiring people.
As I looked around the room, I’d recognised girls I’ve never even spoken to just because I follow their profiles on Instagram. Creeeeeeep! 
We all chatted for a little bit then made our way over to our places once the table was ready. 
The shots were all laid out for us. Shots of juice, that is. 
The beetroot one was surprisingly my favourite (I usually hate beetroot, who would’ve thought?).
There were also little treats on our table – a little jar of Bumpkin Granola (which is delicious by the way – very excited for it to start selling!) and Julie’s JUB balls which are unbelievable good (I bought more at the gym the other day).

Once again, the problem of deciding what I wanted to eat was staring me intensely in the face. 
Everything just sounded amazing, and usually what I’d order at any other place! I felt like I definitely didn’t know these chicks well enough to suggest going sharesies (anybody?) so I’d just have to man up and actually make a decision. 

A few of the girls ordered the vegan option, the Green Smoothie Bowl, which was probably my second choice.

I went for an Eggs Montagu (named for Julie) which were poached eggs and spinach on top of a gluten-free muffin and topped with the most delicious lemon nut sauce. I need this recipe – I’ve finally found a substitute for hollandaise, something I honestly never thought was possible. Take that, hollandaise!

I felt full of nutrients and ready to kick the day in the butt!
It was perfect time to have an interview for my new placement, although all the healthy goodness in the world couldn’t stop my legs from shaking as I was questioned – but I got the job! Huzzah for health!

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