Bath Christmas Markets

Christmas is in the air in Bath. 

Every year, Bath amazes me with their beautiful Christmas markets. As I’m writing this post, I’ve been 3 times at this point. I love Christmas. And I love markets.

We woke up nice and early to get a head start before the swarms of tourists came in (its usually pretty hectic on the weekend, and with the markets here it’s ridiculous). I’m not a fan of crowds – I have impulses to push over small children and innocent old ladies. They walk really slowly, okay!

I knew we’d be eating, but we stopped by The Bertinet Bakery (the best bakery in Bath) for pastries to fill out tummies first thing in the morning. I went for a pain au chocolat, Boy went for a croissant.

We also passed by The Society Cafe (one of my favourite coffee shops in Bath) to spark us with some energy. It was early for a Saturday.

Keeping It Sassy in the morning.

I’m so proud showing people around Bath – the markets are spread across town and are so pretty! Worth a visit every year.

So much mulled wine. So many cheese stalls.

It was time for our mid-morning snack. I peered over at the burgers sizzling away.

We didn’t go for them, although we came back later on that day and got one. We couldn’t resist for long.

Instead, we went for the hot dogs. I actually had one the night before as well – they’re so good!

I had the German Bratwurst and Boy had the Venison. (There’s also a Veggie sausage for you veggies out there!)

Thick, meaty sausages in a baguette roll. Mmmmm.

When I’m stressed (which I currently am due to coursework deadlines) I get weirdly intolerant to gluten for some reason, and feel nauseous when I have it. I’ve tried to avoid it recently, but feeling sick was worth it for this hat dawwwg. (And the pain au chocolat earlier, and the burger later on).

After we’d stocked up on a few presents, I led Boy to a super cringe couple activity. Ice-skating.

I was tempted to sit out, sip on champagne and stuff my face with pizza instead. But I’d paid for these tickets already, so let the cringe ice-skating commence.

We strapped on our skates and headed to the ice.

Although, surprise surprise, for us there was no useless girl wobbling on skates and holding onto a proud boy like a cute movie.

Instead, it was more of us racing around, lapping everyone wobbling about and trying not to laugh when people fell down.

Sadly, at one point I laughed a little too hard and fell down myself. I nearly pushed Boy down too, smug bastard. 

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