Bianca's 21st Birthday Brunch at Riding House Cafe, London

The highly anticipated 21st birthday blog post is here!

I’m finally 21! Although in my head I’m still 18, 21 is a whole new world. Older (yes), wiser (not really) but officially able to prance my way through 21 bars/casinos/the whole of America without a care in the world.

Now no birthday would be complete without a cake, as society would have you believe. There’s not a huge amount of places in London that you can get gorgeous cakes from (although Choccywoccydoodah made me an amazing one last year!) so I took to Instagram.

I found April of Rhubarb and Rose, who just released her gorgeous cookbook and fell in love instantly. I had to order a cake from her! It was buttercream with wild blueberry jam.

She left the flowers and fruit separate to the cake so I could put them together fresh, so that’s how we spent our morning – poking and prodding blueberries, cranberries and flowers to look like they were effortlessly placed into perfection.

I tried my best to do her cake justice!

Once that was all done and dusted, we headed to Riding House Cafe for my birthday brunch.

I booked the private room downstairs, The Stable, which perfectly fit 14 people.

The room was gorgeous.

Happy horses with hats and cigars all around.

And a very happy birthday girl!

I didn’t want to do anything too huge for my birthday, so it was so nice having my whole family here (since they’ve all come down for Christmas).

As well as this one.

Now, the menu. They serve a few items for the table to start with, then you pick your main meal.

The French Toast and Lobster Benedict weren’t originally on the feast menu, but I managed to get it put on the menu since those two plus the pancakes are what it’s all about here. Huzzah!

There was lots of coffee to go around to start us off.

And some delicious orange juice.

But what’s a birthday brunch without champagne?

Nothing. A birthday brunch is nothing without champagne! How else will everybody toast to me?

As I said, first came with Titchfield Muesli with nuts pumpkin seeds, honey, yoghurt and milk, along with some strawberries, poached pears and greek yoghurt.

It was the starter of the breakfast world. I probably could’ve just had that for breakfast actually.

Then, of course, the toasts and jams.

All this food was teasing me, although there was so much laughing and sharing embarrassing stories about me that I kind of forgot about it. Kind of.

There were a couple orders of the classic Scottish Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Egg.

Bella had the Streaky Bacon & Fried Egg, which seemed a little lonely without the toast. Good thing there was plenty in the middle of the table.

There were also a couple of orders of the Chorizo Hash Brown with Mushrooms and Poached Eggs.

Ming and Dad were considering not ordering it, but then I heard “screw the diet!” being shouted across the table, and that was that.

As birthday girl (or as always, really) I insisted that Boy split our meals so I could try two different things. You can’t say no to the birthday girl!

The first was the Lobster Benedict.

It was really good, but I think the novelty of having a Lobster Benedict is greater than the taste.

You know what was sensational? The other dish we shared. The Challah French Toasted with Vanilla Clotted Cream and Maple Syrup.

This is sweet, yes. But even Boy, who doesn’t really like sweet things, was in love with this dish.

What about the pancakes, you ask? The Buttermilk Pancakes with Berries, Vanilla Clotted Cream and Maple Syrup?

I got a couple of stacks for the table, to ‘share’. Aka to keep very close to me and let other people have some so I don’t look like a fat ass.

This was my favourite dish. It was amazing! Hello fluffy, delicious, perfect pancakes!

They even put a candle on the second stack, which was very special.

It was time to tuck in.

Bridges sisters sure do love pancakes.

After breakfast, I got to open some of the most amazing presents I’ve ever received. Thank you so much to everyone! I was literally blown away by how thoughtful some of them were.

Jeez, I have the best family.

That was from Grandma. She knows me well, huh? Like Grandmother, like granddaughter.

After breakfast, we skipped off (took a taxi) to Winter Wonderland, where we head every year. We weren’t meeting my friends till a little later, so we had time to play some games and go on the roller coasters, which was fun because some of my friends are pussies and probably wouldn’t ride them with me.

Boy even won me my first toy! Usually it’s me winning him things. Such a lucky little princess.

We headed to the Bavarian Village, which was where I went last year with Boy and his friends.

I’d gotten a table, but the layout was different and it was situated right in front of the stage, which was crowded and not very private, so we flicked our hair at it and upgraded ourselves to the VIP area. Where I belong.

VIP area was great. You could hang up your coats, you had your own private bar and toilets (thank GOD) and the servers even brought food to you. What more could you want?

The rest of the day was filled with hats, over-excited chatting, drunken dancing, pretzels and so much mulled wine.

We were there for a solid 7 hours until my stomach was sickened with mulled wine and my thighs were aching from getting low.

Everyone was K.O.ed so we headed home to what was waiting for us.

My reindeer onesie and my birthday cake.

Best 21st I could have asked for with the best people around me. Thank you to everyone who made it the most amazing day! Big kisses!


  1. December 29, 2014 / 9:28 am

    Wishing you a very happy birthday! Such a fun, wonderful celebration!

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