Breakfast at Kitchenette, London

The adventure of breakfasting around London continues. Today was for Turkish. 

I’ve never really had a Turkish breakfast before. I mean, I’ve had Menemen before and didn’t like it because of the overload of peppers (Shakshuka all the way) but I was excited to see what kind of things would be on the menu.

We booked it through OpenTable and skipped along to the joys of Sunday morning.

Kitchenette is a lot bigger than I thought, and the building is actually pretty nice!

Lots of room for activities.

My friend I-Mae and I got snuggly in our booth. It was 10am but a Sunday, so people didn’t start piling in until a little after and we had the pick of the room.

First things first – the menu.

I spotted Menemen instantly. The waitress said it was their most popular dish. What a shame I don’t like peppers.

I was a little fragile from my night before, so I had an Americano to spark me back to life.

Let’s zoom in a little on I-Mae’s order.

I don’t think I need to explain the hot chocolate to you, do I?

Picky little me couldn’t decide what to get, so we ordered 3 dishes to share. Sunday’s are for feasting, after all.

We were going to get the Pancakes with Cinnamon & Honey, but backed out when we realised that was boring. We were going to make the most of the more Turkish options.

I’ll start with the least favourite, The Full Turkish Breakfast. It might actually be the fact that it’s served on a big dish and it’d look better in a smaller one with everything pushed together and the plate looking fuller.

It was Sucuk, Pastrami, Giant Butter Beans and Eggs done however you liked. It was fine, just nothing special! The butter beans weren’t for me.

Now let’s get onto the good stuff. These were the two dishes we both agreed on ordering.

First, the Çibir – poached eggs, thick yoghurt, chilli butter and toast. The flavour wasn’t overly yoghurty, and it was great with their Turkish bread.

The next was my personal favourite, but I’d share with others as I don’t like too much of the same thing!

It was the Gözleme – Turlish pastry either filled with spinach and white cheese or filled with spiced minced lamb. We went with spinach and white cheese (presumably feta). Delicious.

Here’s some photos of before we tucked in.

Oh, the excitement of breakfast.

And here’s an action shot.

Let me know if anyone tries the Menemen. Maybe one day I’ll like peppers.

This post has very kindly been sponsored by OpenTable!

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