Frankfurt Christmas Market, Birmingham

The title might be a little confusing to those not from the UK and haven’t heard of the market. 

Yes, the market is from Frankfurt. But in good ol’ Birmingham. It’s the largest outdoor Christmas Market in Britain, so they say.

I’d hopped on the train to visit a couple of darling friends/go to this big bad Christmas market.

And to eat a lot of food.

The stalls are all through the city centre. I was very snap-happy – just to show you all the exciting German eats, you lucky things.

Lucy’s Boy, Callum, told me about the half a metre hot dog.

That was it for me. I had to have it.

It was a bit of a mission covering it in condiments (a two-man job really) but teamwork got us there in the end.


What would be my next victim? I was like a hungry tiger stalking it’s helpless prey. Or really just an over-entusiastic half-Asian tourist who likes to eat too much.

I was desperate to bring my family back some sort of foodie souvenir to show off that I had the time of my life here.

Then I spotted them – the chocolate covered marshmallows.

They were beautiful. Kind of reminded us of teacakes.

I carefully selected the prettiest/yummiest ones to fill up the box for a fiver.

Note – they weren’t anything like teacakes. They were DELICIOUS. Thin chocolate outside layer with the fluffiest marshmallow you’ve ever bitten into. It was more marshmallow fluff than marshmallow, so soft and gooey. Not all the marshmallow men survived the train journey home with me.

Still, I was a popular girl back at home that night.

If you ever see these babies, you NEED to get them. Trust me!

 Lucy had ignored all the creperies throughout the market so she could save room for her favourite one.

Huzzah – the glorious Nutella crepe.

After the market, we skipped along to browse the shops, dragging Lewis through Victoria’s Secret as we browsed. 
The shopping here is actually everything I’ve heard it to be – Bullring (shopping mall), Selfridges, Victoria’s Secret. Maybe I’ll come see Lucy more often…

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