A Bridges Christmas in London

I’m still lustfully dreaming about Christmas.
Every year, we alternate our festive destination between London and Sydney. For you long-time readers out there, you might remember our sun-filled Aussie Christmas last year. That means everyone was packed into Grandma’s house for an English Christmas, and having a full house feels amazing!

We did all our usual Christmas traditions: wake-up ridiculously early to get our stockings (yes we all still do get stockings don’t hate), run onto Grandma’s bed and squeal over how clever Santa was this year. Then, we’d get ready and open all the presents under the tree. With champagne. Obviously.

Whilst everyone is all over the place afterwards due to the post-excitement of presents and being just a little tipsy, the cooking started. But not before I was armed with a glass/bottle of wine by my side.

I begged and pleaded for Boy to give me his special gravy recipe since it was so delicious at Thanksgiving. He eventually gave in to the puppy-dog eyes, but gave me strict instructions about how to make it, refusing for his name to be associated with it if it wasn’t up to his standards.

So for a few hours, my life and anxiety would be revolved around this pot of gravy.

My Aunt Jackie handled the ham, which she coated beautifully in a whiskey-marmalade mixture. 
Although Boy didn’t actually have Christmas dinner with us, he helped me prep the turkey a day in advance so all I really needed to do on the day was put it in a pan, drown it in a 2/3 bottle of cider and put it in the oven.
Of course, we created our Thanksgiving beauty. This time I made heaps of stuffing so no one would have to ration it. You’re welcome, family. 

Since my domain was strictly turkey and gravy, once I left them to simmer/cook I skipped off to embark on our classic Super Smash Bros tournament whilst I left the rest of the ladies.

After timing everything perfectly for those few hours, the result was magnificient.

Well, except the gravy.

I mean it was good, but it wasn’t anything like Boy’s. Dammit. So much for being an independent woman, can’t even get my own bloody gravy right.

Half-way through eating, I realised I’d forgotten to even put garlic in it. I stayed very quiet.

What no one knows won’t hurt them.

Gravy what oh look at all the other delicious food nom nom nom.

The turkey was still my pride and joy.

I should really write down the recipe with Boy and share it with you sometime.

I was ready for the feast.

And so were these troopers.

A little drunk and very happy.

I wanted to get seconds (okay, thirds) but held back since I knew just how much dessert we had.

We had a Girls vs Boys gingerbread house making competition a couple of days earlier, so we had those two to demolish.

The classic christmas cake.

The must-have chocolate yule log.

I also ordered a couple of my new favourite desert, Livia’s Crumble – gluten-free, refined-sugar free, dairy free crumble. And it’s delicious!
I actually had the rest for breakfast through the next couple of days (hehe).

Tracy brought over a chocolate ice-cream cake from the best ice-cream cake shop near hers.

Our favourite is the Oreo, but they sadly ran out. I will accept chocolate and I will eat it.

We also had the mandatory cheese-board out. I was all set to go to Neil’s Yard to get all of the cheese when I saw our fridge stocked to the brim with it.

I still made sure I went to Selfridges to pick up a block of Godminster Organic Cheddar (the best cheddar EVER). Once I bought some at boarding school and made the world’s greatest cheese toasties for a fantastic couple of weeks.

Last but not least, we had our Christmas Pudding. I absolutely hated Christmas Pudding until last year at work when we worked with Coles and the owners said that a lot of their customers said they hated it until they tried theirs. Well, it’d be rude if I didn’t give it a go then, wouldn’t it?
And of course, I had a tummy ache from how much I ate and how much brandy butter I smothered over it. So it was necessary that I order one of their puddings for the whole fam this year!
As always, they poured brandy over it and lit it up to celebrate, well, pudding. 

Just when I thought that these were all the desserts we had, Grandma decides to bring out mini Magnums. You’d think with all the food out I’d turn it down.

I didn’t.

Dessert wine is also a must-have. A MUST-HAVE I TELL YOU.

So. Much. Food. It kind of became a battle towards the end of it to see how much you can eat.
My mind’s telling me no, but my body’s telling me yes. 

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