Chalet Husky, Val d’Isère

Team Bridges hit up Val d’Isère over the Christmas break!

It was the most hectic journey I’ve had in a while (okay, maybe not as hectic as that journey to Vegas), but it involved people not getting on the flight to unloading their luggage, then the planes slot was delayed, and then had to check a part, then the luggage took an hour, then the traffic meant our 3 hour bus journey was a 5 hour one.

But it didn’t matter because we were HERE and I was with my favourite people!

One of the chalet guys came to pick us up, packing a bus picnic for us, with muffins and sandwiches – gluten-free ones for me! (I can’t eat gluten when I’m stressed out for some reason).

And he had drinks. Pop them champagne bottles, Jack. It’s going to be a long ride.

After over 5 hours sitting on my ass, playing games and drinking (not like uni ski trip drinking, but champagne in plastic glasses as you can see), we’d arrived at our chalet.

Sorry, did I say chalet? I mean we arrived in the greatest place in the world.

This place had bloody everything! Enough rooms to feel like you’re on a school trip, a pool, jacuzzi, archery room, rock climbing wall, EVERYTHING. You can imagine us running around like we’re crazy hyper little children. Which we totally are.
I had to calm down. Good thing there was more champagne. And competition in the form of checkers.

Everyone started to unwind, and the drinking were flowing before dinner.

I’d moved onto some red by this stage.

Our dining table was beautiful. I loved the lampshades – I don’t know where else you could get away with that!

King and Queen took their seats at the head of the table.

Dad had told the chef that Ming and I were gluten-free, so every dinner I’d get some special homemade gluten-free bread (okay all of them were homemade but mine was still special).

The bread was different everyday too, which I enjoyed.

The meals were small and beautiful. 4 courses, obviously (including a pallet cleanser). I can’t really remember what we ate, but it was pretty!

I remember what we drank though. A lot.

As you can tell.

Although it’s okay when everyone else at the table are on the same level as you!

Everyone was itching to jump into that gorgeous indoor pool.

We snuck off after dinner, drunk and ready to play.

I also totally was going to turn into Katniss Everdeen with my archery skills after this trip.

P.S: Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I’ve got exams so I’m studying hard so if there aren’t posts a few days here or there I’m sorry! Trying my best to balance it all, but in a couple of weeks I promise I’ll get you back up to date! Wish me luck kiddies!

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