Lunch at Sur La Montagne, Val d'Isère

A long day of skiing calls for a big lunch to rest your poor little feet.
However, today was our day off. I was doing work, Ming’s legs were recovering, and a few others were off for some reason or another. 
Although I was jealous of the others caught up on the slopes, it meant I finally had my camera with me instead of taking crapping photos on my phone. Hooray! 

We headed to Sur La Montagne, a restaurant in town that Gee recommended.

She said it’s very family-oreintated, value for money and her and other chalet girls/guys eat there pretty often. Oh, and they did great crepes. Sold!

We started off with some teas (for Ming and I) and cokes (the others).

I was wearing my new cropped jumper which I love. I’d spent about 30 minutes before stretching out the neckline, which was enough cardio for the day really.

For some reason, I’d eaten chicken and mash nearly everyday I was here. Today was no exception.
The mash was super creamy and the gravy reminded me of KFC gravy. 

Here’s a few little snaps of the rest…

Ming and I got some vegetables to share, which added a nice bit of colour to my meal.

SO much better than the one the other night.

We were eyeing up the hot chocolates of people around, so a couple of us jumped at the chance to order.

Then there came the crepes.

I wanted to get one but I was stuffed by now. I knew I’d manage to sneak a bite off someone though.

A Grand Marnier Crepe and a Nutella Crepe. What else?

All of a sudden, I saw a tray appear.

Shots. She was pouring SHOTS.

At first I thought it was Limoncello, but obviously we’re not in Italy or at an Italian.

It was a local liquor.

This left us all sour-faced but very happy.

Then it was back home to more work, a sauna and a swim.

Not sure I’ll ever get tired of this bunch.

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