Peach, Kale and Banana Smoothie

The first of my Team ZICO posts are here! Hoorah!
As you may have seen on my Instagram, I’m now a part of Team ZICO! Over the next few weeks I’ll be posting a few recipes that I’ve hustled up for you using this deeliiiiccious drink, you lucky things. I’ve concluded that I’m not a sell-out since I’m blogging about a product that I actually love!
The first is this delicious Peach, Kale and Banana Smoothie. 

It happened because of two reasons.

1. I was at the supermarket and rediscovered peaches. I have phases where I eat them loads and then just completely forget about them, and after having been all “Hey, peaches!” with Boy, we popped it in the trolley.

2. Vegan month was well and truly underway. There wasn’t really anything else at home for breakfast that I could have, so I thought I’d start my day with a delicious combination.

What you’ll need:
A blender
3 Peaches
Punnet of Raspberries
Bowl of Kale (the more the merrier)
2 Bananas
ZICO Coconut Water

This smoothies, like most smoothies, is easy-peasey to make.

If you’re thinking of having it for breakfast, cut up your peaches and bananas the night before and stick them in the freezer.

That’s the difficult part done! Now it’s the next day and you’ve risen early to find your asshole boyfriend cooking bacon and eggs whilst all you can do is stare and smell.

Well screw you, who’s the one who’s getting their vitamins and nutrients, ey?

Get out all your ingredients and pop them into the blender.

Put as much kale in it as you like – unless you have a deep love for kale, obviously the less you put in the better it’ll taste, but the more you put in the better it’ll be for you.

Same goes for ginger. I’m not a huge fan so I didn’t want too much of a kick, so just put a couple of cm in.

You can use other coconut water if you’re somewhere in the world without it, but ZICO is the best because it’s the only brand I know that don’t add any sugar or shit in it, just straight up coconut water.

Blend it up baby!

Serve a big fat glass to yourself and congratulate yourself on your journey towards good health. You’ll have made plenty, so give a glass to your smug meat-eating bastard.

Or just pop it in the fridge for later. More for you!

This post was very kindly sponsored by my pals ZICO Coconut Water.

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