Banana Cream Floats

These are by far the healthiest floats you will ever make in your life!
They’re absolutely perfect when you’re craving something sweet but don’t want to fall off the healthy bandwagon. They make a great summer snack or dessert!

The ingredients are simple:

5 Bananas, Ripe (the more brown spots the sweeter they’ll be)
15-20 Dates (depending on how sweet you like it)
ZICO Coconut Water

Now that you’ve got your whopping 3 ingredients, it’s time to dance!

Chop up your bananas into a bowl and whack them into your freezer.

Leave them there for 2-3 hours if you want your float to be creamy (which is what we did). If you are looking for more of an ice-cream float, leave them in for longer!

When you’re ready to make your drink, make sure your dates are pitted.

If you’re looking for something super sweet, go for 20 dates. If not, 15 dates will do you fine! Obviously, the sweeter you want it, the more you should put in.

Pop your dates into your Vitamix and fill it up with 2 full glasses of ZICO coconut water.

Blend away!

Pour into your glasses, but leave space at the top for your banana cream!

Get out your frozen bananas and pop them into a food processor.

Blend them until they’re soft and creamy! (Until there are no lumps, but don’t blend for too long!).

Look, you’ve just made gorgeous, creamy deliciousness! Or you’ve made banana nice-cream if you’ve left them in for longer!

Get out an ice-cream scoop and scoop cream balls into each drink until there’s none left.


It’s so easy, quick and healthy for something so delicious, am I right?

You can even grab a spoon and eat the cream itself off the top (totally what we did).

Enjoy irresponsibly!

This post is sponsored by my pals at ZICO Coconut Water.

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