Bangkok Street Food

When visiting Bangkok, you have to roam the streets at night an experience the street food here. 
After the Hello Kitty House, Mum and I continued our day of fun together!
We hopped on the BTS (trust me, the easiest and best way to get around Bangkok traffic) and headed to get massages at a place recommended by the hotel. You know it’s good when she could’ve easily sent us to the hotel’s spa! To me, that’s great service. 

About 3 stops and a short walk later, we’d arrived.

It was bustling with people who clearly knew how good it was. It was also seriously good pricing compared to massages back in the UK, which are utterly shit to any massage I’ve had in Asia in comparison. Get those white hands away from me. In Asia they know how it’s done.

The woman told us it’d be a 45 minute wait for a Thai massage, but after we explained how our hotel told us there’d be space available now, she then said there was a full-body oil massage for an hour and a half in 10 minutes.

10 minutes later, Mum and I went into our couple rooms and I proceeded to have probably one of the best massages of my life. I forgot Thailand massage the chest area (hehe), although apparently Mama Bridges didn’t get such a treatment.

Afterwards, we were given our delicious lemongrass tea, then sent on our way. I can’t recommend this place more – must must must visit if you’re in Bangkok! (And not because of the boob treatment).

Once we headed back to the BTS, I saw all the street food around us.

I’ve always remembered the smell of these crispy pancakes since my first visit to Bangkok. I was still full so I didn’t end up getting one, which I kind of regret now!

You need to try these babies. Or at least smell them. In a not creepy or weird way.

Once we got back to our hotel, Centara Grand, we met Hamish and Papa Bridges up at the SkyBar, which had such pretty views.

Mum and Dad eventually ate up there, but I dragged Hamish down to the street food.

Fingers crossed we don’t get food poisoning. I was sharing a room with Hamish and I could just picture us fighting for the toilet now. No way in hell was I pulling a Megan from Bridesmaids.

Sorry you really didn’t need that image in your head. You can look at the nice food now.

I wanted the squid on a stick but Hamish thought it might be a little dodgy, so we played it safe and went for the dumplings.

Washed down with a fresh coconut.

Apart from the little stands, there are lots of vendors with what you can only describe as outdoor street-side restaurants. 

Hamish and I took a particular liking to the one with Pad Thai.

We ordered one with shrimp and egg, just to share so we wouldn’t be too full up for everything else.

We dressed it up real pretty (which meant we overloaded it with chilli and peanuts).

It was delicious. Prawns a little questionable, but delicious. I kind of regretted sharing, because I was still hungry.

We took that as a sign to get a pancake, also a must-have in Bangkok (the Pad Thai is obviously one too, if you didn’t get that).

He makes it there and then for you. You can get it plain, with banana or banana and chocolate.

And voila.

The secret to it is that he drizzles it with condensed milk. CONDENSED MILK. What a genius.

The issue of sharing boiled through us as there was only one piece left.

I let him have it. He’s a lot bigger than me (not saying he needs it to bloody grow or anything, it’s just that he would easily beat me in a fight for it).

Sweaty Hamish then dragged me back to the Pad Thai stall for round 2.

I said I didn’t want any at first, but lunged a couple of bites until I was swatted away like a mosquito on a hot day.

We had to go through Central World, the shopping mall, to get back to our hotel, where I discovered these babies from Gelate.

Vanilla gelato on a stick covered with different types of chocolate.

I kept on changing my mind and blurted out a range of flavours as she walked towards the fridge. Eventually I settled for Hazelnut.

Right decision. The almond-coated hazelnut one would have probably been the most delicious, but how cute are the smiley ones? A classic case of eating for the Insta. Don’t pretend you’ve not done it too.

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