Breakfast at Bondi Wholefoods, Sydney

Being in Sydney is always amazing. I was born there so it’s familiar, but I’m not there long or often enough to have done nearly a smidge of everything, so it’s always exciting.
This trip was especially good because Dad and Ming didn’t arrive for a few more days. Yes, I missed them, but Dad is sometimes pretty hasty of driving far away for a meal, whereas Mama Bridges will happily hop along for the promise of food (clearly where I get it from). I only feel bad about Ming missing out. Sorry Ming!

Bondi Wholefoods was on Ming and my ‘Breakfast Places To Eat At In Sydney’ list, so I felt particularly bad here. Oops. But we were going on our Bondi to Coogee costal walk today, so it made sense Ming, I swear!

There’s a shop at the front, a takeaway section, a few tables at the front and heaps more out the back.

Whilst we were waiting for a table, I snooped around all the healthy food, picking up gluten-free, refined-sugar free, basically amazing and everything good for you granola. Hooray! There were so many brands of them, whereas in England it’s like sifting and striking gold.

All 5 of us crowded around a little table in the front until the waitress had told us she’d already cleared a table in the back big enough for us. I think she was trying to hold back her laughter at the sight of us rationing space.

We all coffee-d up with Americanos with Bonsoy (although they call it Long Blacks here), Cappuccinos and a Mocha for my cuteypie Mama.

Then the glorious food. I’m having serious problems lately where I become a psycho bitch when I’m hungry. That’s why more often than not everyone is a little more excited for me to eat than to eat their own food.

Probably not here though. Here they were as excited as I was.

Stuart got the unhealthiest sounding thing he could see, which was still extremely health. Sorry, Stu.

He got the Cacao Berry Pancakes. They’re cooked in organic coconut oil and made with organic spelt flower and quinoa, dotted with blueberries and with a touch of organic honey. It comes with organic fruit, cacao cashew ‘cream’ (dairy free) and homemade berry chia ‘jam’, and sprinkled with raw cacao nips and raw organic honey.

Hamish had the Mushroom Bruschetta, which was marinated button mushrooms on grilled sourdough toast, smeared with marinated Persian Feta, on top of homemade Basil Pesto, topped off with a poached Papanui egg.

Mama had Eggs on Toast. She went with them scrambled and added a side of roast mushrooms and smoked salmon. She doesn’t really stray too far from the nest.

Natasha had Eggs on Toast with poached eggs, avocado and spinach.

I knew exactly what I wanted thanks to excessive Instagram stalking.

I ordered the Acai Antiox Breakfast Bowl, which is frozen acai berries blended with organic juice and frozen fruits. It’s topped with Farmer Joe’s Cinnamon Almond Granola, organic coconut flakes and fresh fruit.

I also had Amazonia Raw Multi Supplement added to it, for a little extra health boost.

Our walk then went to shit when it started to rain. We quickly decided on our alternative.


Trampolines everywhere. There’s even a dodgeball tournament, which I would totally join if I lived in Sydney. Damn London for being too expensive to open a giant trampoline warehouse like this.

If you haven’t seen the video of our fun on my Instagram, you better check it out. There’s not really another way to explain how this was the coolest place ever.

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