Cakes at Hello Kitty House, Bangkok

Today I had tea with this cool cat. 

We’d landed in Bangkok and when Dad and Hamish went off to some meetings, I searched frantically to find some cafes for Mum and I to hit up.

There were loads of amazing choices, but one caught my eye. The Hello Kitty House. When would I ever get another opportunity to go to one of these again?


Aside from their restaurant inside (and spa!), they have a little stand outside for takeaways.

I wanted to experience the full shebang though.

Inside we go!

And, just like I captioned on Instagram, it was like crawling into Hello Kitty’s vagina. I still stand by that 100%.

Pink, Hello Kitty everything.

They give you a printed paper menu where you tick what you want to order and how much of it.

Mum went to give them our menu and wait for our order.

Whilst waiting, I then realised they were playing the same Hello Kitty song over and over AND OVER AGAIN. Oh my god I didn’t know how much more of this I could take. I would probably voluntarily make myself deaf if I worked there.

It seemed like hours until Mum came back. This was a different kind of torture.

At least there were treats to help me block it out a little.

I went for a Latte. Hello Kitty style.

Mum had a Kitty Breakfast tea since she thought it would be an English Breakfast, but it was a fruity version. As if Hello Kitty does plain old English Breakfast.

Kitty teacup, Kitty Teapot and Kitty Teabag, as you’d expect.

I also ordered a non-alcoholic champagne out of curiosity, which turned out to be more of a pinapple-y fruit juice.

Now the cakes!

We got the Strawberry Shortcake, which was good, but we personally preferred the others, simply due to our taste in cakes.

Like this pretty kitty. Kitty Banoffee.

The cake had chocolate-covered banana in the centre. So good.

Mum’s favourite was the Coconut Pandan Crepe Cake, which came with coconut cream on the side.

I absolutely loved this one too, but sadly backed off a little because Mum got so into it.

Just look at all those layers!

It’s okay, it meant I had time to focus on the others.

One Asian and One Half-Asian, tourist-ing it up in a Hello Kitty House with a table full of cakes. Yep.


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