Dinner at Binomio, Singapore

I’m not sure how long it’s been since I’ve enjoyed dinner at my home in Singapore.
My parents like to eat out here. A lot. I don’t blame them since there’s so many incredible restaurants. Also it means I get out of my pyjamas and put on some proper clothes, and maybe a bit of make-up. MAYBE.

They have a handful of favourite places, which they go to again and again until Ming and I bring them to a place to get them out of their rut. If they like it, it’ll go into their portfolio of restaurants to visit.

I think someone else brought them to Binomio, a nice Spanish tapas place, but it’s been added into their rotor ever since. This is my first night back, and it’s my second visit in two trips to Singapore.

Hamish (my COUSIN to those who thought he was Boy – ew) and I realised we had matching watches on!

Great taste runs in our blood, eh? This is in no way an ad or a promotion, but to anyone at Larsson & Jennings, if you’re reading want to pay me or send me free watches, I’m all yours.

Also look how sweet their water glasses are!

Water obviously wasn’t the only drink on the table.

As chief orderer in the family, I went ahead (was forced to) order the tapas for everyone at the table. Not that I mind, it just means I make sure we all eat everything good! I’d probably sit there sulking that something delicious was missed off the list otherwise.

So I’m supposed to be in vegan month still. I’d managed a solid 3 weeks, and I’d even bought vegan salads to eat during the flight home. However, as soon as I touched down, we ran straight for the dim sum. I’m a failure.

So I thought I’d be ‘pescetarian’ tonight (only eat fish, no other meat). It was pretty much impossible to be vegan at this restaurant. That’s better than nothing… Right? Not really. Bad veganuary girl.

We ordered Ham, Chicken and Boiled Egg Croquettes (for them) and Mushroom Croquettes (for me, and also taken by them). The mushroom was delicious, I didn’t even miss the others.

The Atlantic Octopus “A Feira style” was also good, sat on top of potatoes.

I felt I deserved a larger share since I wasn’t having the meat plates. More for me.

Like this Stuffed Pork “Presa” Carpaccio, Foie Grass, “Idiazabal” Cheese & Apple.

Judging from the ingredients I can only imagine the taste. Enjoy, meat eaters. It must be nice not having a care in the world.

I went back and fourth between this and the Deep Fried Squid, but eventually picked the Grilled Squids served with Vegetable Cous Cous & Squid Ink Sauce.

It went far too quickly since it was shared between the 5 of us (Hamish brought Sam, his University Husband).

The last of the tapas was Organic Sautéed Mushrooms seved with “Rioja Style” Potatose & Slow Cooked Egg.

You have to mash it up altogether.

Hamish kept saying how much he wanted the Quail & “Butifarra” Sausage Paella, but sadly you needed 2 people minimum for it, and even worse, he knew I’d share if I wasn’t being a stubborn pescetarian tonight. Tough shit, I wasn’t budging.

It’s not like there wasn’t a happy end to the story though – Him, Sam and Dad ended up sharing a Char Grilled Aged Beef Rib Eye Steak for the 3 of them. Check out this bad boy.

And after it’d been cut up. Cooked to perfection.

Mum and I had the fish they had in today, the Barracuda.

The sides we went for was the Green Salad, and no, that’s not Mashed Potatoes.

It was Garlic Puree, and it was so good with my fish! I love garlic. Om nom nom.

Hamish went to town on the bone of their steak.

He asked if it was socially acceptable. I’m not sure he even paid much attention to my response.

The other two were chatting away and oblivious to this.

And someone was too busy gazing lovingly. I hope this was at my Dad and not Sam. (I know it was for Dad, seriously Mum I’m kidding I know you’ll read this).

Mum and I ordered our standard Peppermint Tea. It aids your digestion. Fun fact, you’re welcome.

Then someone had a little accident. I’m looking at you, Dad.

He tried to blame it on the wine glasses themselves for breaking. I didn’t see anyone else at the table having the same problem, hmmm?

It was funny at first, but TWICE. THIS HAPPENED TWICE.

Can’t take him anywhere. At least there was dessert to make things a little better.

We ordered Traditional Churros with Chocolate Sauce, where they really nicely gave us a churros each.

We also got the El Platanito – Baby Banana & White Chocolate Served with Smoked Ice Cream and Cocoa Cream.

Something tasted a teeny bit cheesey, I’m still not sure what. The description makes me want to say the ice-cream, but I kind of thought it may have been the chocolate on the outside of the banana..

I can see why it’s on their rotor. Delicious food, and super understanding if you happen to accidentally break a wine glass!
Not good for vegans though. Avoid avoid avoid. 

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