Dinner at Chiswick, Sydney

After my first trip to Chiswick, it quickly became one of my favourite places to eat in Sydney.

That’s why when we were thinking about where to eat that night, I bounced up and down with the idea of Chiswick. I got on the phone and booked us in before anyone could change their minds about eating somewhere closer to us.

“Oh no too late it’s already booked, sorry!”.

Not that anyone minded – I’m pretty sure they all love it as much as I do, they just needed a little reminder.

As soon as we stepped inside, oh, they were reminded.

Whilst I was still scanning the menu, Dad had already sorted himself out with a beer.

Ming had a tea, which came in a beautiful teacup.

And I, well, we know what I got.  

As you may know, Chiswick is all about sharing plates, which is possibly our favourite thing when it comes to dinner.

A range of starters and the sharing of mains. Perfect. Our only problem was not to over-order, which we were all pretty sure I managed to do.

To start us off, the Hiramasa Kingfish with Apple Cucumber and Sorrel. 

Fish was delicious, but I’m weirdly not a cucumber fan, although everyone else enjoyed it.

The next small plate was the Blue Swimmer Cramb with Kohlrabi and Peas. 

So good.

And possibly my favourite was the Prawn Popcorn with Spiced Mayonnaise and Lemon. 

Prawn Popcorn is the best description of it, as long as you’re not actually picturing prawn-flavoured popcorn.

We decided to continue the sharing theme and order the mains that were specifically designed to be shared.

The first was one we had last time and we were all still head-over-heels in love with for good reason – the Wood Roasted Moran Family Lamb with Eggplan, Tomato and Mint.

It’s the most tender, succulent piece of meat. I’ve even read it’s one of Sydney’s best dishes.

To go with the meat, we ordered a fish dish – the Wood-Fired Rainbow Trout with Leeks and Garden Greens.

I tucked right into this one. The leeks in the fish were so good.

 For sides, we went healthy with the Streamed Greens, Chilli, Garlic & Lemon.

I also was really into the sound of the Salad of Heirloom Tomatoes, Watermelon & Quinoa, which was actually a small dish, but I asked for it as a side in this case!

In my opinion it’s much better as a side dish than a starting small plate.

Happy as can be with this spread of food in front of me!

So yeah, did I mention how tender it was? This is my attempt of capturing the beauty for you.

I did the best I could. You’ll just have to go see for yourself!

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