Dinner at The Disgruntled Chef, Singapore

I remember, 10 years ago, when Dempsey Hill was pretty much nothing. The only reason I went there was because my church was nearby and once Mum and I went to buy a cheap statue or something.
Now, it’s completely full of great bars, cafes and restaurants. One of Dempsey Hill’s many highlights is The Disgruntled Chef, opened by the same chef as The White Rabbit round the corner. Dad loved the restaurant when we went there, so I knew he’d love this one too. Don’t worry kids, Bianca will sort out dinner.
The restaurant is so pretty. I think I need to come back for brunch so I can enjoy it in the day.

You can get cocktails by the jug here. I know, why I haven’t I been here before, right?

They do mojitos in jugs but I asked if I could just get one for myself. I couldn’t decide between the Lychee and the Wildberry, but my Asian side always caves. Next time, Wildberry.

Mum got excited and ordered the same, but the virgin version. What a cutey.

There was a nice little glass of red lined up after my cocktail.

The restaurant is all about sharing dishes.

For starters, we had the Steak Tartare with Soft Quail Eggs and Truffled Hash Browns. The hash browns were so good, and such a good change from bread.

Next, Gambas Pil Pil, which was good but I was expecting it to be more like Spain.

Roasted Beetroot with Oranges, Greek Yogurt and Dill.

I’m not a fan of beetroot so I didn’t go near it, but Dad was chowing down (it’s his favourite, not hard to keep him happy).

It’s okay, because the Crab & Lobster Sliders topped with Granny Smith Apple made up for it. Sliders may be one of the best inventions.

Last of all, we hit up the Beet-Cured King Salmon (this I didn’t mind so much). I like salmon. Love it, actually. A little too passionately.

Now the mains!

It was tricky to pick. There were so many. Snow Crab Pasta? Ridiculous. I had to convince myself to back away from the gluten.

Instead, we turned to the Grilled French Quail with Frisee Salad, Crispy Bacon and Poached Egg. Mmmmmm.

Next, Crackling Suckling Pig with Sauerkraut Puree and Pickled Mustard Seeds.

This is a definite table pleaser.

We also got the Baked Bone Marrow with Persillade Snails and Sourdough Toast.

It’s not huge so don’t treat it like a regular main, but hot damn those snails on top made it magical!

The classic Oven Baked Miso Cod was also on the menu, with Chopped Spinach, Braised Shimeji with Olive Vegetables.

Unsurprisingly, it’s one of their most popular dishes, as well as the pig and bone marrow.

Of course, we needed some sides.

French Beans with Pine Nuts, the typical vegetable side order.

I didn’t actually realised I’d ordered the Gratin Dauphinois, but I was really glad I did.

Delicious. Like, if your gratin dauphinois isn’t, you know it’s a shit place and they’re stingy on the cream. Life’s too short for that shit.

And to top it all off, Roasted Mushrooms with Garlic Butter. Yep, not just butter, garlic butter. This chef is a genius.

It’s always so good to try new places, especially since Singapore is crawling with the most incredible restaurants and concepts. I’d need to move back to try everything good here. Actually, no, I would become a whale. I can’t go back to those days.
Next time, for brunch!

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