Dinner at El Loco, Sydney

Ming and I were sat on the couch. I turned to her and said “I feel like tacos”. She replies “Me too”. It’s Tuesday. LONG LIVE TACO TUESDAYS.
An hour later, we’d hopped onto the ferry into the city. It’s a lovely little ride that tourists would pay big bucks for. 

We hailed a cab and headed to Surrey Hills, where our tacos were waiting for us.

We planned to go to El Loco with Natasha a few days earlier, so we were glad that was at least finally happening! I was still in my whole I-will-eat-no-meat-except-fish phase here, so here had the most fish and veggie options. It’s also known for being cheap and cheerful!’

We grabbed a seat outside to make the most of the evening sun.

Ming swooped in to get me a drink. I panicked and asked for the Salted Agave, which was Olmeca tequila, fresh lime juice, coconut water and housemade salted agave syrup. 

Oh good God it was WAY too strong for me. I’m just not the tequila girl that I was when I was 15.

Water, please!

We then went to the bar to order what we came for. 
Dem Tacos.

At El Loco, you can get a lettuce leaf instead of a tortilla.
If you’re being all “Ew lettuce leaf”, please spare me, it’s equally as delicious, healthier and means I can eat more. So BACK OFF, HATERS.

We were planning on ordering more, but were told that 2 -3 tacos were advised per person. So to feel socially acceptable for once in our lives, we went for 3 each.

My Queso de Soya, which is a tofu taco, was surprisingly good. I was all “Whaaaat, tofu taco?”, but I enjoyed it! It was marinated well and a good veggie option.

Ming and I both had a Camaron, which was the Prawn taco. A little spicy, but good spicy.

This reminds me – all of the tacos basically leak with liquid, so if you don’t want to have a messy one, make sure you try and drain them as much as possible!

The Pollo (Chicken) was Ming’s favourite. She waved it in my face without a care in the world. Thanks, sis.

Good thing the Baja Fish was so damn delicious as well, which we both had. My personal favourite.

Like I said, cheap and cheerful! Good tacos, great for cocktails I’m sure as long as you’re not a pussy like me and you like tequila and can handle strong drinks.

Plus you can basically keep your diet and taco out here. Hooray!

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