Dinner at Medusa, Sydney

I don’t like using TripAdvisor, only when I’m desperate. 
In this case, I was bored and trying to find somewhere new. Usually I’d scan food blogs, but I was curious to see what the number one restaurant was in Sydney on TripAdvisor.
Unsurprisingly, it was in the city centre, near hotels and easily accessible by visitors. It was Greek though, and since it was so hot outside, it kind of made me excited. An online booking session and a change of clothes later, we were ready for Medusa. 

It’s right in the city, as I said. They have lots of beautiful natural light, where instead of scenic views, you can people-watch.

Or look at art of scenic views. 

We were more interested in the menu.

And drinks.

Starters were a bit of a no-brainer.

As I was (as always) on the ordering committee (consisting of just me and whoever wants to shout an input), I ordered the Mezze Plate.

Taramosalata, tzatziki, halloumi, country style sausage, dolmades, olives, pickled vegetables with pita bread.

Bread is the best invention in the world.

Although I have a problem with not putting dips on people’s faces.

I find this hilarious.

We all thought that was it for starters.

I may have forgotten that I got a little carried away and ordered more…

Hello, Octapodi Tis Skaras (BBQ Octopus of Roasted Pepper and Olive Salsa)!

And a little Kalamari, a family favourite (Deep Fried Calamari with Dill Aioli).

And as you know, if sharing is a possibility, we will share till the end. It sound like we’re all just so sharing and generous, but it’s really because we’re all so greedy that we want to try everything. No commitments!

The first was the Xifias Souvlaki, which was Swordfish and Prawn Skewers, chargrilled with lemon and chilli parsley sauce. It wasn’t exactly skewers like I was expecting!

Swordfish really is the steak of the fish world. It was good, but I prefer a lighter fish!

The dark horse this meal was the Mousaka Me Lahanika – Vegetarian Mousaka layered with Eggplant, Zucchini, Potatoes in a Rich Tomato Sauce and Bechamel.

Oh my goodness was this AMAZING. Even the non-veggies, don’t be put off! So worth the order.

What was also absolutely delicious was the special Fish of The Day.

It was Barramundi, and Barramundi = Delicious.

We also got the other special of the day, which was BBQ Queensland Prawns Salad, which was with mango and all other sorts of goodness.

Really, really good.

I was full and so was everyone else. I’d clearly over-ordered, but as we do, we stuffed our faces until we could fit no more in.

But I remembered on Medusa’s website they had the most gorgeous looking dessert, and I had to have it. For the blog. DO IT FOR THE BLOG BIANCA.

And alas, the “Medusa” was put in front of me. You know if it’s bloody named after the restaurant itself it must be amazing!

Ouzo strawberries, pomegranate coulis, anise ice cream and rose water fairy floss. So dreamy.

They also gave us some turkish delight to finish off the meal.

It’s not exactly a quirky place or a hidden gem to show-off your supercool knowledge of restaurants, but it’s really good food and a great location for those looking for a bite to eat.
Roll me home!

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