Lunch at Din Tai Fung, Singapore

There’s nothing like stuffing your face with food you’ve grown up with as soon as you get home, wherever you may live.
For me, that’s dim sum. I love dim sum. Din Tai Fung is a chain of really good dim sum. Ming’s recommended it to me before, however when I got an e-mail from a chica named Ella, one of my lovely readers, telling me that their Peanut Dumplings are life-changing, well, I was sold.
To Din Tai Fung we go!

It’s worth remembering that, if you want to go, there’s probably a line. We had to queue for a little bit, which is the absolute worst when you’re hungry. It’s like when you’re stuck in traffic and you just wished you could make all those cars disappear. And you don’t want to see me when I’m hungry.

At least we could browse the menu a little, and look into the kitchen at the mountains of dim sum being cooked up.

Once you get far enough in the queue, they give you a ticket number and a menu where you skiddadle off until your number appears on the screen.

It’s pretty clever making you tick off the menu your order before you even get in, so it’s quicker getting people in and out.

Thankfully we didn’t wait too long, or I would have probably started spitting out dirty comments and whining. At least no one had to go through that.

We got Chinese tea-ed up, and prepared our ginger for the feast.

We kicked things off with a little chicken, although it just made me miss my Hainanese rice!

And some mince meat stuffed green chillies.

Then la la la out came the dim sum!

We got a couple of different types of steamed dumplings, crimped to perfection.

As well as my favourite, Steamed Shrimp & Port Shao-Mai.

We also got a few other dishes – Stir Fried Spinach with Garlic.

Oriental Wantons with Black Vinegar & Chilli Oil (so good).

We also got some Noodles, but I would have probably given these a miss next time.

Only because I was too into the Fried Rice with Shredded Pork & Eggs.

And, of course, you can’t go get dim sum without ordering Steamed Pork Buns!

Cue the happy chappies.

There was some sort of promotion going on, and I think by the amount we ordered, we’d qualified for a complementary dessert – Peanut Glutinous Rice Balls in Fragrant Peanut Soup.

I had my dessert space in my tummy reserved for something else, so Mum happily tucked in.

The different rice balls were filled with peanut or red bean.

And there it was. My Peanut Dumplings, which were covered in coconut. I hoped it was everything Ella had said it was.


We also ordered the Steamed Red Bean Dumplings With Chocolate Lava.

I feel my training to liking red bean should start slowly, and covered with chocolate lava is probably the best place to start.

They were delicious too, although immensely hot. My heart still leans towards those peanut ones, though.

I’d forgotten how carried away I got when ordering and was a little taken aback when the Mango Pudding arrived.

Good thing it was delicious. Just like those little mango pudding pots I’d had when I was younger (but obviously better).

I would’ve never probably tried the peanut dumpling without Ella, so a big thank you to her! I absolutely love when readers send me in tips of hidden gems, as I know many of you have in the past, so big kisses to everyone who has done so! 

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