Papaya and Dragon Fruit Smoothie

Who’s up for a little more ZICO loving?
When I was packing for Singapore, a snuck some ZICO into my bag since I had an image of me sipping away in the heat and I’d been away from Singapore long enough to forget what the coconut water offering was like out there.
Anyway, I was rummaging through my fridge full of gems and hustled together a little treat for you. Behold – the Papaya and Dragon Fruit Smoothie!
I’m guessing all my readers from Asia know exactly what I’m talking about. Others abroad may do as well, but some may only have heard of papaya, or maybe even neither. Oh, the bliss of tropical fruits that Asia gives us!
This recipe is simple dimple. You need 3 things. 3
1/2 Papaya
Dragon Fruit
ZICO Coconut Water

Originally, I was planning on making a papaya smoothie, just blending it with coconut water. This is to make it less thick, and why use water when coconut water will give it a delicious, extra-tropical flavour? Then I found the dragon fruit, and then things started to happen.

Cut up half of your papaya real nice. If you’ve not dealt with one before, you may find the seeds a little tricky to deal with, but I’m not really game for writing a step-by-step guide to cutting papaya, so maybe Youtube has something for you?

Then marvel at your dragon fruit. Cut this up too.

If you are a little afraid of dragon fruit, don’t put too much in at first if you’re worried you won’t be into the flavour, but I actually prefer it than just eating normal dragon fruit on it’s own.
Throw your papaya and dragon fruit chunks into the blender and fill it up 1/3 with your ZICO coconut water. 
Blend, blend, blend away!

I’m sorry, but can we all just agree how cool the colour is? It’s so pretty!

Take your 17 mandatory Instagram pictures in different angles and light settings and let everyone know how cultured and adventurous your fruit choices are.

This post was very kindly sponsored by my pals at Zico Coconut Water.

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