Walking in Wentwood Falls, Sydney

My family love going on walks. Not like walks down the road, but a nice hike. 
Natasha had told us all about Wentwood Falls and how the walk there was gorgeous and you could go for a swim. Swimming in a waterfall sounded exactly how I wanted to spend my last morning in Sydney! My Dad jumped at the chance for some exercise, so we packed up for an hour and a half drive.

I’d basically rolled out of bed and into the car, forgetting vital essentials such as snacks. We were all starving, so we headed to the Conservation Hut to fuel up before our adventure began!

The views were already insane.

We all ordered our caffeine and choice of protein.

A popular choice amongst the gang was the Light Start – 2 poached eggs topped with parmesan served with wilted spinach on toast.

There were also a couple of sides of mushrooms and chorizo.

I had the Smoked Salmon with Scrambled Eggs & Wilted Spinach but I was clearly far too excited and devoured it. That, or I’m convinced my camera isn’t saving all the photos I take!

The Conservation Hut is a good place to start if you don’t really know where you’re going as it lists out the walking tracks you can take, not to mention the walk has lots of signs to help you out. People working in the Hut are also more than happy to help you out with your questions!

After breakfast called for some light stretching.

And away we went, hello beautiful views!

It was SO beautiful. The pictures don’t even do it justice!

We got to the falls, but I didn’t really see a place to swim. Was I too high up or something? It was definitely socially unacceptable to suddenly whip out my bikini and go for a shallow paddle in front of walkers taking selfies.

We wanted to walk on the rest of the Nature Trail but it was pretty steep down and Dad isn’t keen on heights so we turned around for a different route, which was a bit of a shame!

Next time. I’m pretty sure this walk is going to now be a thing every time we come back to Sydney anyway.

Once we’d taken the weirdest route and found ourselves near the carpark, Hamish and I FOR SOME REASON decided to start sprinting up. We basically passed out at the top and waited until the others had caught up.

Whilst waiting I tried to get a photo of myself with the view. Failing miserably. This is probably why selfie sticks were invented, huh.

We did get a nice victory group shot though.

If you’ve got itchy feet to get out and make the most of the gorgeous Australian weather in the summer, definitely give this place a visit! 

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