An (Early) Easter Dinner

We hardly ever have visitors over, so it was especially special when we did. Well… Grandma did. The most social one of us.
It was a couple of her cousins, therefore I was meeting their daughter, my second cousin, for the first time. It was a BIG deal. Boy was planning on cooking, so he kindly made more food. I was in charge of the table decorations, which I took extremely seriously. 

I sent Ming out to get flowers, and she did a top job. Look at these beauties!

Whilst Boy was at the supermarket getting ingredients for his roast, Mum and I ran around like children in the Easter Egg section. Supermarkets here don’t mess around, there was a whole aisle for easter eggs!

I decided to get big chocolate Lindt bunnies for each place setting. I guess it’s an easter-themed roast now!

I was basically in charge of things that weren’t that important but, again, I took very seriously. Like getting water.

You want some water, you say? Have some fresh cucumber-lime infused water. Don’t worry about it.

I was not put in charge of wine.

Dad was (obviously) who got out some seriously nice bottles to go with Boy’s roast.

Once we’d wine-d up, they arrived. Everyone for some reason decided to hang out in the kitchen (probably because it smelt so good), so we kept having to dodge everyone whilst they peered over at us cooking (Boy cooking, me finding bowls for him as instructed).

Eventually I had to be all “please take everyone to the living room”, mostly so we (I) could make the announcement that dinner was ready.

Boy has asked what vegetables I wanted. I wanted lots of tenderstem broccoli. Purple sprouting broccoli is clearly in season, because he came back with heaps of them.

He also got a few leeks to mix things up.

Then he made his classic roasted potatoes (he likes to call them Roasties), which he cooks in goose fat. They’re perfect and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside.

He also makes the greatest sweet potato mash (I HELPED, mashed them with my strong man arms and added the sour cream).

Then the main event, the lamb leg.

I’d spent the morning cutting little holes all over it and putting pieces of garlic and herbs inside. It spent about 5 hours in the oven.

I should’ve got a shot of inside the lamb, but it was incredibly delicious. He makes the best roast ever, but don’t tell him that or he’ll get cocky. I’m going to get real fat soon.

We sat around the table and had the nicest evening of stories and wine.

Everyone inhaled their food (it definitely runs in the family). Poor Boy was the only one still eating.

I wanted to wait a while for dessert but they were in a rush to start their 2 hour drive back home, so we swept up the dishes and got dessert ready.

First up was a classic cheeseboard.

Next, I got out the Magnum’s (I really should be sponsored by the amount I mention these on the blog) to keep everyone busy. It was a happy surprise that everyone excitedly took one.

Then finally, the Daim cake. It’s our absolute FAVOURITE from my IKEA foodhall loving days and from having in in Spain. I found it in Sainsbury’s and waved it excitedly in the air as I triumphantly ran towards Boy and Mum. They knew what was going down.

We literally took it out of the freezer and put it on a serving plate, so it was pretty hard to cut through it without any time to defrost.

I managed to do it though. Perseverance from my strong man arms and fuelled by love for this cake.

If you’re hosting any Easter dinners yourself, remember to take some inspiration from last year’s Top 15 Easter Treats. They’ll steer you in the right path. 

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