Dinner at Den Udon, London

Ever been interested in how Udon is made?

Well I learnt it here just by reading the menu! (Sorry if you expected a Udon Class, gotcha!).

When Den Udon invited us down for a couple of bowls and some evening chat, we were delighted. They make their own Dashi and Udon fresh everyday.

They also had a nice little place on the corner of a street. Check out those lights!

The little snacks (no idea what they are I’ll be honest) that were popped in front of me were DELICIOUS.

I tried to not eat them all whilst waiting for Boy, but I probably saved him 4 when he arrived, 3 of which I then ate after he had his allocated ‘you-need-to-try-this!’ 1.

There are two teas on the menu: Boy ordered the Cold Oolong Tea and I got the Hot Japanese Green Tea.

I’ve got your ordering down. If you ever come here, these are the starters you MUST get.

The first is Mackerel Sashimi. Surprising, I know. I was a little like, um okay, when the manager suggested it, but we went with it and thank goodness we did because it was insanely good!

Then next is the popular Chicken Kara-Age. Crisp on the outside, tender on the inside and scrumptious.

Yes I just used that word.

Apparently I was dining with Einstein meets Dracula that evening.

But he was dining with over-excited and hungry rabbit so I think we’ll call it even.

Now, the udon.

Black or white broth. Hot or cold noodles. Soup or no soup. Just so many choices!

He named a few of the most popular, and from that list we picked two to share. First, the Pork Belly & Cabbage in black broth.

It was yummy, but I think I prefer pork belly not in broth because I don’t like the texture as much, but that’s a personal preference! It’s a popular choice, so it may be for you.

The next, we went for the Spicy Cod Roe, Fresh Egg & Spring Onion in Thick Gravy. Boy and I favourited this as it had more flavour and fought over it a little.

A nice, casual night of Udon. And no wine. What have Udon with the old me? (SORRY NOT SORRY).

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