Dinner at Joe’s Oriental Diner, London

I really wanted to go for a weekend away. Boy had to be on call for work, so it just wasn’t happening. But THEN he decided to be the best boy in the world and surprised me with a staycation (a vacation but in the city you live in, geddddit?) in Chelsea. This way, we could pretend we were away and if he had to go to work, I would at least be left in bed with room service. Everyone’s a winner!
For dinner, we headed to Joe’s Oriental Diner. I remember first seeing it when I was on my way to Kurobuta but hadn’t been to their new location on King’s Road yet, so I was at their old one looking into the window like “WTF is Joe’s Oriental Diner?”. Turns out the Head Chef of Kurobuta was behind it, so we figured it was bound to be good!

We’d booked it online for 7.30pm, but when we got there they’d had it down on their system as 7pm so marked us as ‘no shows’. We checked our e-mail on our phones and waved it around (not really) that it was 7.30 on our phones and we weren’t actually idiots.

There was a table ready soon so we decided not to cause a fuss and sit at the bar for a drink first. Their friendly and mostly-aussie staff were consistent with Kurobuta. Plus the little restaurant looked more or less the same as before.

We went for The Green Bastard since we had it once before at Kurobuta and I remembered it being delicious.

We also got the Oriental Iced Tea since it sounded real nice. It was, but a little strong for me. The Green Bastard was DELICIOUS and although we intended to share I triumphantly claim it as my own.

The lovely staff also gave us a couple of yummy shots as an apology for the mix-up and as a thanks for being so cool about it. Get them drunk enough so they don’t really know what’s going on, hey? (Just joking it was a lovely gesture).

Good thing there was water on stand-by.

We were asked if we wanted to order some snacks whilst we waited. Yes, obviously, was the answer.

We went for the Crab Rangoon since it sounded delicious. It was creamy crab fried in wonton skins with a sweet chilli dip.

It was a little disappointing I’m sad to say, I felt like it was something I could have whipped up myself!

But soon enough we were whisked away to our table so we were ready to attack the rest of the menu!

We thought that was it, but make sure you check the back for their Fancy Dishes!

Boy had armed himself with a beer for the rest of the meal. My dad would’ve been proud.

Our first choice was the Walnut Prawns, which was battered prawns and walnuts tossed in sriracha mayo. We saw someone else order it and had to have it!

There were bits of broccoli and kale mixed into it, and it was reallllll yummy.

Next was the Jumbo Diver Scallop Roasted with XO Butter. It’s one scallop per order, so we had to get one each.

I liked mine (I just get excited whenever I have scallops, really) but Boy said they didn’t have very much flavour and was again disappointed with it. Fair enough, it’s a big-ass scallop so may it’s trickier but you’d expect it to be insanely good, especially since one costs more than my lunch!

Boy was determined to order the Unagi Fried Rice with Lime Leaf and Sticky Soy. We both bloody love unagi (eel, for anyone who doesn’t love Japanese food or has watched Friends), so we thought it was delicious. I could imagine myself chowing down a bowl of it at lunch.

We also had the Miso Grilled Foie Gras with Crispy Chicken Skins and Sweet N Sour Apple Jasmine Sauce, which was super rich but incredibly good. This was the kind of stuff we were expecting!

Last on all, we had the Duck Leg Red Curry with Lychees, one of their most popular dishes.

We ordered some Roti to go with it, which came on a classic Asian plate that we all have in Singapore. Makes me homesick every time (as does a good ol’ bite of roti prata, can’t beat it!).

The prata was good, but I supposed it’s unfair to compare it to Asia!

The duck was good too, it fell off the bone, although a lot of it was dryer than I would’ve really liked.

The meal was fine in general, but I suppose we had high expectations and it’s unfair to compare it to Kurobuta. Actually what am I saying, I should compare it as it’s big prices and a high reputation chef behind it so it should’ve really been outstanding!
There were good things about here, but to be honest, if you’re going to spend the money then go to Kurobuta (where every dish makes you want to leap with joy, how it should be).

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