Dinner at Lobster Kitchen, London

I broke Boy’s heart by arranging to visit Lobster Kitchen when he had plans with the office. 
But it’s okay, because Mama Bridges stepped up to the plate! Plus it meant I could be super annoying a Snapchat him pictures of delicious lobster ALL night! 

Lobster Kitchen is tucked away in Soho. As in literally tucked away. As in I walked past it and couldn’t find it for ages until I met up with Mama and she showed me. The woman is a genius. (It’s right next to VQ up a couple of steps).

It’s decorated like a classic American lobster shack, down to the little details.

What a delight having this little one with me.

She was extremely excited having been invited out with me. I mean, who wouldn’t be, let’s be honest.

The manager came and took our order, and when I asked what there was to drink (we weren’t drinking any alcohol that night and sadly turned down the offer of cocktails), so when he said there was Root Beer, someone’s eyes lit up. And I don’t mean mine.

I didn’t want to be boring with water and wanted to get into the Lobster Shack feel, so had an Iced Peach Tea. I used to drink it all the time in Singapore, so it was nice and familiar.

Then the food started.

I umm-ed and ahh-ed for ages about what to order, until he suggested bringing out and array of what they thought their top dishes was (although he claimed everything was good).

First were the Lobster Croquettes, which reminded me of crab cakes.

Mum loved them and said Dad would too. She then swooned over the chilli sauce, saying how it had a good Thai flavour to it.

Okay there’s DEFINITELY something wrong with my camera. I took about a million photos of the Twin Lobster Sliders but no, it decides to bloody delete them all. So I can only describe them to you as best as I can.

Since they couldn’t decide what sauce they wanted us to try, he put Asian sauce on one and Garlic on the other. They were two little sliders with buttery rolls filled with lobster and topped with the sauce. I asked Mum which she preferred so I could write about it, but we honestly couldn’t tell you.

Then came the Split Lobster. You can’t go wrong with that, ever.

But the highlight of the night was the Lobster Mac & Cheese.

It was perfectly cheesy without being too much. Super all-American, and very generous with the lobster. Apparently it took a while to perfect this dish, but oh is it worth it.

Recommend sharing between people, not suitable for just one person! And if it is, well, I applaud you my friend.

By the time the Fried Lobster Legs came out, we were pretty stuffed.

It was meatier than we thought and kind of reminded us of calamari or scampi or something.

We joyfully asked for the Mac & Cheese to be packed up and taken home with us since we were too full to finish.

Mum raved about it to Grandma when we got home and the next day it had disappeared and there were two very guilty looking woman.

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