Lunch at Petersham Nurseries, London

Ming planned the best surprise for me the other week.
She knew I’d never been and always wanted to go, so she booked a table for us. That morning, I was whisked away in the car as we drove down to Richmond and into Petersham Nurseries.
Just look how happy I was when I found out!

Petersham Nurseries is an internationally prized garden centre with a beautiful restaurant tucked away in it.

It’s only spring and it’s gorgeous, imagine it on a warm summer day. BEAUTIFUL.

For drinks, we ordered a big pitcher of their sparkling elderflower drink, and a smaller one of their homemade lemonade. Both delicious.

Grandma celebrated sunday the way she knew how.

And Dad and Boy did what they did at meals. Beer.

They poured it into wine glasses as well!

The menu’s change frequently, if not daily, so here’s just a little sample of what you can expect.

As we sat satisfied with what we’d ordered, we filled ourselves up with the homemade bread as we waited.

Then it all began. Dish by dish of fresh, amazing produce on a plate.

Linguini with Portland Crab, Sea Purslane & Chilli – what I was originally going to order.

Rabbit, Pickled Chanterelle, Winter Leaf & Speck Salad with Crispy Polenta – 1 half of what I ordered and made Boy share with me.

Wild Garlic & Potato Gnocchi with Pecorino Romano. The other half of what I made Boy share with me.
So light and fluffy and delicious, unlike heaps of other versions.

Soft-Boiled Haye Farm Hen’s Egg, Curly Kale, Anchovies & Parmesan.

All incredibly delicious, they just made us even more excited for our mains.

First off, the Cornish Cuttlefish Cooked Over Olive Wood with White Polenta, Chilli & Barba di Frate.

Boy and I shared this, and it was so yummy. Perfect kick of chilli, creamy polenta and the cuttlefish was paired with a little bit of grilled calamari. Mmmmmmm.

We also shared the Black Mountain Chicken Breast with Watercress, Hodmedod’s Pulses & Rainbow Erbette.
The chicken was super tender, especially for being chicken breast. I love chickennnn. Could eat it everyday/meal/snacktime/forever (unless it’s vegan week, obv). 

The popular order was the Filled of Monkfish with Pink Fir Potatoes & Porcini, Grilled Leeks, Minestra Nera.

Dad went for the Rare Breed Tammworth Pork Chop with Amalfi Lemon & Capers, Parsley & Fennel Salad.

It looked so good. He did not share.

We also got a few little cheeky Pink Fir Potatoes and Streamed January King Cabbage with Zisola Olive Oil as side dishes, which they put together in a bowl for us.

We chatted and drank and ate, as you should on any sunday. Or everyday, really.

We glanced at dessert (which looked insane) but were too full, and nothing seemed to catch our eye enough to make an impulse order.

As we walked out, we walked through the Teahouse, which we’re all determined to come back and visit next time.

Everyone was eating cakes and having tea and it just looked so nice. I mean, who doesn’t love cake and tea? Exactly.

And, of course, there were all the plants and flowers outside, which were pretty beautiful too.

Hurry up Summer! This place will be packed then (even more so than now) so you better get book if you want to hit up the restaurant!

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