Top 10 Food Challenges in London

I’m obsessed with food challenges. I’ve tried and failed one in the past (a humiliating time of my life), and I know this can only be awful for you, but I’ve spent all my time searching them anyway. I’ve done it so much that I now have a condensed list of the VERY BEST challenges in London.

If you’ve done any of these, let me know! Before and after pictures encouraged. I applaud you.

1. The Triple Chilli Challenge – MEATliquor 

Photo via Now Here This

2. The Devastator Challenge & The Naga Viper Chilli Challenge – Red Dog Saloon 

Photo via Design My Night

Photo via Virgin Atlantic

3. Wonder Breakfast Challenge – Wonder Cafe 

Photo via Wonder Cafe

4. The Two-Kilo Calzone Challenge – Amici

5. The Double Pork Knuckle Challenge – Octoberfest Pub 

Photo via Huffington Post

6. The 2ft Sausage Roll Challenge – The County Arms’

Photo via Andy Jackson

7. Goldiehops & The 3 Grizzly Bears Challenge – The Thirsty Bear

8. Frankie’s BBQ Food Challenge – Frankie’s Sports Bar & Diner

10. The Beast – Blacks Burgers

11. Man v. Ribs – Porky’s 

Photo via Now Here This

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