Top 10 Vegetarian/Vegan Restaurants in London

As you probably already know from me banging on about it all the time, I’d love to go vegan. My body isn’t agreeing with it at the moment, since even though I feel incredible, I seem to have physical problems when I do it for over a week that prevents me from carrying on. But I take vegan weeks all the time, especially when I’ve had a crap eating/drinking week, and pretty often have vegan meals, just because they are actually delicious!

I’m totally down with whatever eating style works for you and your body, people should be supportive that way and stop preaching. I’m looking to cut down on red meat, dairy and gluten since my body seems to respond better when I do, and it means I still get to eat fish and eggs, which I love!
Anyway, the point of all that was just so you’ll have a little backstory on why I’ve spent so much time in Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants all over London. I’ve hunted down the very best for my vegan/vegetarian weeks, and in honour of Meat-Free Week, I thought I’d share them with you! For those participating (like I am), good on you and I send kisses and my best wishes – I hope this list helps!
1. Mildred’s

Mildred’s is my personal favourite. Tucked up in the heart of Soho, it’s all veggie and vegan, and the food is so good that even non-veggies love it. It’s incredibly social and an easy place for a fantastic meal and mouth-watering desserts. The only problem is that there’s no reservations, so I have to keep my fingers crossed every time I go or else face the waiting list!
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Wild Food Cafe
2. Wild Food Cafe

This is where you’ll find the hippies of London. Whatever you order, you’ve got to order the sweet potato fries. I could probably eat a pile of them just as my meal! Okay, maybe some guacamole with it too…
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3. Vanilla Black

The classy restaurant of the vegetarian world. This is the place for a nice date – order a bottle of organic wine and cry over how delicious vegetarian food is. Definitely go for my dish recommendations on this one…  

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Nama Foods

4. Nama Foods

Nama is my favourite raw vegan cafe. I would’ve honestly chowed down on the chilli and not even think it was raw vegan for a second, it’s that bloody good. Paired with a coconut and a raw chocolate cake for dessert, it’s the perfect girlie lunch date. 
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5. Sticks’N’Sushi

Not veggie or vegan, yes, but sushi is just the easiest thing to have when going vegan. I go for it a lot since cucumber sushi, avocado sushi, tofu, etc, is all vegan, veggie, gluten free, whatever you want. It’s easy and simple and delicious. You can go for any sushi place really, but this is my current fave – ESPECIALLY their avocado sushi!

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The Good Life Eatery

6. The Good Life Eatery

This is one of those places that I can’t believe does so well. It’s teeny tiny, and you’re not going to want to pay 6 pounds for a cold pressed juice, but you will because their food is good, you feel like you’re in Made in Chelsea and you can then consider yourself a health goddess. They serve meat here too, just an FYI.

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7. Tanya’s

Tanya’s is another raw vegan gem. Sure it’s a little up there on the prices, but if I managed to take my Grandma there and convince her that her raw vegan breakfast is delicious, then hell, everyone will love this place! I’ve heard it’s great for cocktails as well, but never been here later than lunch!

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8. Ottolenghi

This may be one of the priciest lunches you’ll have. But this is where I fell in love with vegetables. I’ve never been able to eat salads before this, but Ottolenghi waved his magic wand and changed me for the better. It’s crazy delicious, and if you fork out, it’ll be worth it. Just try not to be distracted by all the sweet treats on display (or do).

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9. Nopi

Also created by Ottolenghi, Nopi does it well. The restaurant is stunning, the cocktails are on point and the food is out of this world. It serves lots of meat so it’s a restaurant for everyone, but it makes the list because they have heaps of veggie-friendly food, and everything has a healthy twist and is bloody delicious!

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10. Cookies and Scream

A little vegan bakery in Camden Passage. It sells things like Peanut Butter and Jelly cookies. Right? I know. That’s reason to go in itself. 
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These are just a few of the best. Another of my favourites is The Gate, which I forgot to review, which is a fantastic veggie restaurant (and very vegan friendly). There are heaps I want to go to as well, like Tibits, Food For Thought, Porridge Cafe and Miss Cupcake (they do vegan ice-cream sandwiches!). Also, there are a huuuge load of healthy, vegan products out there – I made a little list a while ago, so have a peak at that for a good starting point!

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  1. March 26, 2015 / 8:40 pm

    Mildred's at the top of my list too, but I've booked The Gate for this weekend, so let's see what happens;)
    Ottolenghi pretty ace too, couldn't agree more with you, the salad are TO DIE for (and I might just have had that for lunch today… #FirstWorldProblem when living in Angel 😉

    Sandra x

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