Breakfast at The Butcher's Daughter, New York

Remember when I said that I obsessed over breakfast places in New York? My top 3 on Instagram were Jack’s Wife Freda, Two Hands (which we never made it to) and HERE, The Butcher’s Daughter!
Once I sent Ming the menu, there was no going back. We were going here, hoorah!

Ming and I had hit the gym before, so we were ready for some breakfast lovin’.

I spotted it straight away across the street thanks to it’s bright yellow colours.

Again, the only nice picture of me outside was the one where I’m not actually looking at the camera. Hmph.

We were greeted by this fabulous guy who looked like a modern Jimmy Hendrix.

Inside was very small. There’s a communal table and a few other seats, as well as seats outside, but I remember feeling a little claustrophobic (to be fair I was sat next to the kitchen so people kept having to squeeze past me). It was done up really nicely though.

Mum and Dad were already there and had ordered themselves some green juice. Just look at the impact Ming and I have had on their lives. Bet my Dad never dreamed he would be drinking anything green. 
You’re welcome, Pops. 

Ming got really excited about the Booze-y Popsicles on the drinks menu. You don’t drink, Ming.

Then she got excited about the Elixir Shots.

I ordered the Fresh-Cut Grass, Ming had a Vampire Slayer and Mum had… something that I can’t remember. Oops.

The only shots we be taking this trip. It’s a shame Frankie couldn’t make it.

I also ordered the Water Flower – Watermelon, fennel, honeydew, cactus pear, lime and lavender flower. It was so refreshing and delicious, I basically gulped it down.

And infused water too. Just drinks all around, really.

And whaddya know? HOT SAUCE!

Come to mama.

Vani was meeting us, so we waited a little until we all got so hungry that we ordered. Sorry Vani. To be fair she turned up literally 30 seconds after so it was a bit pointless!

Dad and Mum shared again (the perks of marriage). First, the Coconut Yogurt Parfait – Coconut yogurt layered with fresh fruit and coconut goji berry granola.

Ming and I were literally expecting this glass with all these layers, but it was in a nice little bowl which we found hilarious for some reason.

Next, the Monterey Eggs, which was two sunny side up eggs with smashed avocado, market salsa and sourdough toast served with roasted potato hash.

Ming and I actually didn’t share for the first time in God knows how long.

She was super excited about her order all week and went for the Tacos Verdes – Romane lettuce ‘tortillas’ filled with seasoned ground tempeh, avocado crema, shaved radish, cilantro and house salsa.

I think she also added a scrambled egg.

I was back and forth with my order but eventually went for the Smashed Avocado Toast Benedict since it was one of the ones our waiter recommended. It was 2 poached eggs with curried hollandaise, avocado smashed with curry, mustard seed and lime served with roasted potato hash.

I asked for no toast, because, you know, beach bod… I thought I’d regret it but it was actually absolutely fine since it had so much potato hash to carb it up with!

It’s also PERFECT with the hot sauce.

Vani got the same thing, but the normal one, not the diva version.

She also got an Orange juice, which isn’t actually just orange, but tangerine, Valencia orange and carrot. Fancy.

Mum was a little greedy and got a pastry as well. It’s NON-DAIRY AND GLUTEN-FREE. Whaaaat.

They’d run out of the other two flavours and only had zucchini left. Must be popular.

I forgot to say, their entire menu is non-dairy and vegetarian. And bloody delicious.

I also forgot to mention their T-Shirts, which we loved.

Although it was fantastic food, I was kind of relieved to get outside, just because of how little the space is with a lot of people. I’d sit outside if it was sunnier.

We wanted to get a coffee, so we just went next door to their Market.

They sell all their juices! SO COLOURFUL!

Oh hello, my Water Flower.

And Boxed Water, which I’ve seen so many pictures of but not actually in real life. UK need to get on this shit (or do they have it and I’m just an idiot? I hope not. Or I hope so?)

And they sell their T-shirts. This market has got it all covered.

We all ordered Americanos. Look what was on hand to sweeten it up if need be…

Ming ordered hers black so she got a boring cup.

I got mine with Almond Milk with a COOL PRETTY cup!

(It was also so delicious with almond milk, I highly recommend!)

Another day reunited and loving New York. Apart from the day before when a weird guy followed us on the streets and we had to hide at Hu Kitchen. That wasn’t so cool.

Ming left to meet her friend so we went and strolled around the weekend market at Union Square. There were so many amazing things to buy – organic granola, cheeses, breads, meats, just everything! There were people busking, performing, and there were people waiting to play chess with you just like the movies.

I knew if I was here longer I would have piled up on bread, cheese, granola, etc/if Mum wasn’t next to be to like “wtf are you buying”. Alas, it was not meant to be.

We later went to a pet store, a pharmacy (which sells, like, everything) and then hunted for this cookie dough that I’d seen online (we found it, don’t you worry). We also walked past Washington Square Park and watched a play in the park and saw the giant pillow fight going on. Feathers were floating down the road all afternoon. It was pretty magical.

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