Breakfast at Jack's Wife Freda, New York

Jack’s Wife Freda is one of those places I’ve stalked for so long on Instagram since it’s where all the cool cats seem to go, so I insisted Ming put it in our very well planned itinerary (thanks Ming). There was no way I was going to NY without hitting this baby up!

Ming brought me to an SLT class before, which was supercool and hidden in what seemed to be an apartment building.

Oh my GOD it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. After the first two minutes I felt like I was going to throw up and I bet the instructor laughed inside at how incapable I was next to all these hot bods around me. I can see why whoever goes has a banging bod, trust me. I DESERVE THIS BREAKFAST NOW.

There are two locations for Jack’s Wife Freda, but we went to the one that was just a few minutes walk from SLT on Lafayette Street. I didn’t recognise it, so it must have been the other location that I was stalking online.

It was still 8.40 or something, so we could sit down and get drinks but weren’t allowed to order food until 9.

Plenty of time to browse the menu and wait for the parents to join (and pay the bill).

Cantaloupe juice seemed like a big deal at this place, which made me really want to try it. Cantaloupe Mimosa? Mmmmm.

I ordered the juice and an orange juice, just in case it was awful.

As you can see in the background, the parents had arrived now.

I chose the cantaloupe juice. It was delicious! I gave Mum the orange juice. So considerate, right?

Ming had a Black Tea with Mint, which looked so cute.

Dad had some good old English Breakfast Tea.

Mum and Dad also got some cappuccinos.

I wasn’t keen on coffee until I had a sip, and they were SO good! I ordered a White Americano pronto.

I also made sure I got a shot of their sugar packets. SO cute.

Food-wise, it was clear that since I decided on the place, I would decide on the food too (not that anyone minded, it was very much encouraged).

4 dishes to share between us seemed like a good idea. Sharing and caring family, we are.

First was the Mediterranean Breakfast, which was two eggs any style, shopped salad, labne, avocado and pita bread.

It was very simple but still good. Nothing to write home about, but I do love the yoghurt.

Next was the Poached Eggs with Grilled Tomato and Halloumi, which was served on top of sourdough toast.

I’ve never had this combination before, but I loved it. It was Ming’s favourite. This was one I felt like I didn’t get enough of!

My favourite was the Rosewater Waffles, topped with Lebanese yoghurt, mixed berries and honey syrup.

The sweet breakfast option isn’t usually my favourite, but they were so light and fluffy and yummy! I had way more than my fair share (a good half) and had to stop myself.

Lastly, I had to order the Green Shakshuka just because it’s shakshuka and green! And we all know I love shakshuka.

It was a little disappointing, wah. I had high hopes for this one – It was a little too simple, like baked eggs with a thin green sauce on top. It’s just because I know it could be made a lot more delicious, mixing a lot more into the sauce and making it more substantial. The challah toast it came with was so good though!

We also ordered a side of House Cured Duck Bacon, which I’ve never had. Highly recommended, especially with the waffles!

I have a weird hot sauce obsession at the moment. You can see on the menu on the picture below it’s all “Try our Hot Sauce!” and I got super excited so asked for some. It turned out to be green! Not that hot but I still put it all over errythang (not the waffles).

The food was simple but good. By the time we left there was a queue outside, which clearly meant it was the place to be. I strutted out smugly. That’s what you get for waking up at 6.30 for a workout class, bitches. 


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