Dinner at Cafe Clover, New York

This is the ultimate new hot spot in New York where it’s a perfect combination of social, sophisticated and healthy. Did I mention how much I love this place?
Kris suggested going here since it’s a new place with incredible food. Healthy is right up my street, so it was a perfect place for us to all go, and for her to finally meet Papa and Mama Bridges to see where Ming and I get our wit and bad jokes from.
The bar instantly greets you when you walk through the door (my kind of place), and the white and blue theme ran through the restaurant.

Instead of bread, there’s a seeded cracker with dip. Don’t turn your nose up because it was actually so good so HA. Ten points for health.

Maybe minus a couple for the drinks.

The deal here is that starters are recommended to be shared. Works with me!

First up, Ivory Lentil Risotto with Parmesan and Biancetto Truffle. I like anything that sounds similar to my name. And with truffle. It was amazing.

Next, Peekytoe Crab with Romanesco Cauliflower, Red Grapes and Rutabaga Vichy. Don’t ask me what the last thing is (bad food blogger), and the grapes were weirdly very good with it.

The Celery Root & Rutabaga with Cumin, Pistachio and Citronette was also delicious. It was shaved into a spaghetti style dish, and for someone who doesn’t like celery, I was very happily surprised.

I don’t know how many more ways I can say things were delicious. Everything was bloody good. Maybe I’ll just write the names and not say anything else.

The Shaved Hamachi with Smoked Sea Urchin Aioli, Blood Orange and Green Chili.

The Sweet Potatoes with Shiitake and Pumpkin Seed.

And finally, the Kale with Blood Orange and Watermelon Radish.

Kris experienced first-hand what it was like eating with a family who eat too much yet act like they’ve not been fed in two weeks. The best part of eating everything (apart from how delicious and fresh it was) was knowing that everything was so friggin good for you!

For the mains we had our own. And by had our own, I mean that Mum and Dad shared two and Ming and I shared two.

The first thing our beloved parents ordered was the Meiller Farm Beef Striploin with Brussels and Olive Oil Potato Puree.

Next, the Organic Scottish Salmon with Spaghetti Squash, Turnip Greens and Black Trumpet. Black Trumpet sounds awesome.

I really wanted to try the burger because their bun is made out of sweet potato and rosemary which sounds amazing, but I wasn’t really feeling a burger (I know, probably the first time in my life).

Ming was really keen to order the Cauliflower “Steak” Romesco with Vegetable Chutney. I was literally picturing what looked like a steak but was actually made of cauliflower. It was really good though – I’ve never had cauliflower with that much flavour before (cauliflower drowned in cheese doesn’t count).

Second, we had the Poached Halibut Salsify with Black Lentils, Almonds, Olive and Lemon, which is what Kris ordered to. You probably already know what I’m going to say about it, so I’ll save myself the trouble (yum yum yum).

We love a good side dish, so we ordered…. all of them.
Actually that’s not true, we ordered 4/5. Sorry, turnips.

The Sautéed Butternut Squash with Quinoa, Shiso and Cashews. 

The Steamed Broccoli with Lemon and Black Pepper.

The Roasted Brussels with Jalapeño and Black Garlic.

MUST order. Brussels are so big here, and in the UK they’re just not and so bleh. We always order them in the US because they’re so gooddddd!

And lastly, the Olive Oil Potato Puree.

MUST MUST ORDER. It’s soft and delicious and there’s not nearly enough in one pot! I’d get two if you don’t like to share, which you won’t once you’ve tried a little. I had to stop myself from wiping my finger in the bowl to get the last of it.

Thumbs up from me. Word on the street is that the desserts aren’t anything special, so we passed on those. Well, we passed because we were stuffed, but at least I didn’t go home dreaming about what could have been, which is sadly a little more often than I’d like to admit. 

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