Dinner at Chalk Point Kitchen, New York

Sometimes things have to come to an end, and today it was our New York trip. On one hand, I was very aware that this was our last meal here. Poo.
But on the OTHER HAND, I was so excited to eat at Chalk Point Kitchen, and to have dinner with not just the family and Vanessa, but her brother Ben (who we of course also grew up with) and his girlfriend Tina. I’d not met her and I haven’t seen Ben in years, so the excitement overtook the thought of leaving. 

Like all the restaurants since we’ve been here, I’ve had no idea about anywhere we were going to eat (apart from the brunch places I chose), so it was always really exciting. All I knew about here was that we had a set menu since Ming sent around the three options (it’s compulsory when you have more than 6 people in a booking).

The menus were family ‘feast’ sharing style, and we chose the one with the lightest meats (chicken and fish) and the most veg.

The vibe was amazing. We came early so it was still pretty empty, but you could instantly tell it was a social vibe but the restaurant were very clear on how great their produce is.

Everyone was sat in twos, but since we were seven on a table of eight, I ended up sat next to the bags. Solo picture it is.

Until Ming got into the action.

So the menu we pre-selected was Lower East Side. I think it was the cheapest of the three options, but all the dishes just suited our family to a tee.

And what else suited us…

Mum got herself another drink, I think it was a juice, but it came in a cute mason jar.

Dad visited his typical ways.

I was excited for the food. We had no power about what came out of the kitchen now, but it was exciting seeing things one by one and checking the menu for what they are. Yes, that is my version of excitement.

The first to arrive was the La Quercia Farm Speck Americano, which was aged parmigiano, apple, lemon and sesame.

I was trying to eat less pork so I think I only had a little bite of it.

Squid, on the other hand, was fully on my menu.

It was the Grilled Long Island Squid with spanish romesco, dehydrated olives and chorizo. Delishhhh.

The last of the starters was the Fresh Chickpea Falafel witht tahini, hummus and olives.

The starters were pretty good, but things were about to get a whole lot better.

One of the most unexpectedly incredible things was one of the side vegetable dishes (there were five), the Roasted Heirloom Carrots with feta, black truffle and lemon. It was insanely good! Carrots aren’t really my thing, but these definitely were.

The rest of the vegetables were really good too. Next were the Union Square Cauliflower Steak with tahini, golden raisins and pickled thai chilli. Yum yum yum.

Everyone was a little weary of the Grilled Watermelon with Sweet Chilli, Feta, Thai Basil and Lime because they were all “grilled, whaaaat”, but I remember I tried to make something similar when I was younger, so I loved it! So refreshing and delicious.

The Roasted Butternut Squash with Old Fashioned Ricotta, Basil and Aged Balsamic was also really, really good.

I was wondering where the last vegetable dish was, the Chinatown Style Greens with Oyster Sauce and Crispy Garlic, but it was under one of the mains, the Hudson Valley Pan-Chicken.

The chicken was SO good, and it came with house gravy and mashed potatoes. Oh, the soft, creamy mash….

The second large plate was the Market Fish with house made cole slaw and organic buttermilk dill. It was catfish and lightly battered. It was just as good as the chicken, probably one of the best fried fish I’ve ever had. 
The last was the Garden Beetroot Salad with Hudson Valley blue cheese, pistachio and organic buttermilk-dill. 
My dislike for beetroot made me stay away from it, but everyone else happily tucked in. 

I love family style menus so much. A little of everything, and who doesn’t enjoy some friendly fork competition?

I went to toooowwn and stuffed my face so much that I couldn’t even look at the dessert, which was a Butterscotch Pudding with duck-fatpopcorn and organic vanilla ice cream.

Tina currently works at Laudree and is absolutely amazing at baking. She made us this beautiful green tea cake, which she was super excited for us to taste, so we had it right there and then.

Before we left, we checked out downstairs, which was this bar, games room-esque kind of place. It looked super cool, filled with drinks, games, and sports playing on their projector.

A great place to meet friends for drinks and board games.

We had a little picture together to remember the night, just in case it was another 3 years until we saw them all. Fingers crossed it won’t be though!

Back to London we go!

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