Dinner at Il Buco, New York

I haven’t seen my friend Vanessa in nearly 3 years. 3 YEARS. I basically popped out of my Mum and met her, which is just an unnecessarily graphic way to say I’ve known her all my life. Ming, Vani and I used to see each other every single weekend to play. I miss the days.
Now, she lives in New York and teaches yoga as well as studying illustration here. I finally went to one of her classes, and it was amazing! So the first time I see her in years it’s whilst I’m doing downward dog whilst sweating amongst a room packed full of strangers. Pretty special.
Dinner tonight was with the fam + Vani, at a little restaurant that Kris (once again) recommended and said I’d really like. This woman is just a babe.

It’s a super cute and classic Italian place with a little NYC sophisticated twist.

Reunited and it feels so good!

I had to include this picture of Mama Bridges because she’s just so cute.

You know what else is cute? Food. Not really, but I needed to find a way to link this back to looking at the menu.

I didn’t really want to dive into the ham as I’m trying to be healthy and everything, but I thought it’d be rude to not have a little piece.

This turned into me literally battling for every piece. You know that thing where people feel bad to take the last piece and just leave it? Yeah that didn’t happen to me.

We also shared the Burrata, as you should at a good Italian place.

It was Maple Brooks Farm burrata with Persian cucumber, crispy shallots and bottarga di muggine. I’m going to pretend to be sophisticated and well-travelled and know what that last thing is. What I do know was that it was really good.

The picture, not so much. Sorry about that.

Kris told us to get the Cavolonero, which is the kale salad. Tuscan black kale, garlic-anchovy-lemon vinaigrette, filone croutons and Parmigiano Reggiano.

So, so good. I bought a cookbook with a similar recipe but with polenta croutons which I’m desperate to make at home!

The last starter to share was the Gambas – pan-fired Hawaiian king prawns in Trapans coarse sea salt.

I was a little sad, I thought it’d be the gambas in sizzling garlic sauce. It was still good though, but I’m awful (lazy) at pealing prawns!

For mains, Ming and I had already decided long before that we were going to share. We were determined to try this delicious, homemade pasta.

The one that stood out for both of us (and in fact the whole table, Mum and Dad shared this and Vani ordered it as well) was the Maltagliati – house made egg pasta with porcini mushrooms, type and pecorino di noce. Absolutely amazing.

We also halved the Pesce, which was seared local albacore tuna steak with Rosso selvage, avocado, fav beans and wood sorrel.

My plate looked a little like this…

Great decision to share, as always. It’s wise to sucker someone into doing the same with you.
It’s one of the nicest little Italians I’ve been in a while, definitely the place to go when those pasta cravings hit in NYC! Perfect with a glass of red wine.

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