DInner at The Little Beet Table, New York

So there was a free time gap in our NYC itinerary made by Ming. I know, right? Free time, lucky us.
It was because Ming went to meet up with her Instagram friend and Dad was with his pal too. Mum and I were clearly the losers of the family so we skipped hand-in-hand (took a taxi) to Bloomingdales, where I spent some dolla on essential items for my life. Investment pieces, if you will.
We rushed back to the hotel manically since we thought our dinner reservation was at 5pm. Thankfully it was at 5.30pm, because even though we rushed we only made it to the restaurant at 5.40. Oops.

Ming had booked The Little Beet Table, where her and Paps were waiting for us (barely, they’d arrived like 10 minutes before). I thought it was going to be a teeny little vegan cafe by the sound of the name, but it wasn’t at all!

Not little. Not vegan. But everything looked so healthy, fitting in with our (mostly) healthy theme this trip, and more importantly, it sounded delisshhhh!

Ming was the only one of us who ordered a drink. No, not an alcoholic drink, a tea. Don’t you know my sister at all? Pretty little teapot.

Did you see a little peak of food in the corner? Yeah you did!

First, the fanciest Vegetable Crudite I ever did see. It came with mint raita and roasted red pepper hummus.

Next, Baby Kale with Pine Nuts, Currants & Pecorino. Kale is definitely King in New York.

We also got the Tuna Tataki, which came with millet, avocado, tomatoes and charred jalapeño vinaigrette.

You can’t go wrong with tuna tataki. This was nice and thick, too.

To finish off our starters, we had some Scallops, which was a special. I’m pretty sure there are only 3 when you order it (maybe double check this), but they asked if we wanted an extra one so no one would shed any blood.

Yum yum yum. Who doesn’t love scallops? Especially with peas, edamame and other green goodness.

Dad and I both eyed up the Slow Cooked Salmon with avocado caponata, pistachio and black olives, so we decided to split it.

I chose the Quinoa Risotto with seasonal vegetables and mushrooms to go with it, just because it sounded like a nice bed for the salmon to sit on top.

Oh my GOODNESS they were incredible, individually and together! The quinoa risotto is amazing, not creamy creamy like most risotto, and can totally be eaten on it’s own.

The salmon was cooked perfectly, and just ahhhhmagad so good!

The rest of the gang very much enjoyed their meals too. Seriously, so good here!

Ming had the Wild Striped Bass Bala Plancha with fennel and charred scallion pebre.

Mum had the Pan Roasted Hudson Valley Organic Chicken, with “herbs of scarborough fair”.

Just a tip – apparently their LBT Burger is real good but none of us were game for a burger. Apparently one of the best burgers in NYC. Just saying. If anyone checks it out and orders it, let me know how it was and if it’s worth it!

Okay, now very importantly before I get distracted, the side dishes. Oh mama.

I wanted to order every single one, as in the worlds “we’ll have all of them, please” genuinely left my mouth and the waitress was about to write it down until Dad was all WTF so we had to pick 3. Party pooper.

First was the Charred Young Onions with local honeycomb. AMAZING.

Second, the Roasted Mushrooms with thyme and lemon. ALSO AMAZING.

Lastly, if you couldn’t see it blurred in the back, the Brussels Sprouts with chilli and sea salt. You know what? YES ALSO AMAZING. ALL BLOODY AMAZING.

My plate(s) ended up looking like this.

It’s not a pretty one, but even just thinking about it is making me starving. The unordered Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Kalettes Shallot Confit won’t go unforgotten though.

I forgot to tell you why we were eating so early. We weren’t jet lagged, we were going to an ICE HOCKEY GAME! MY FIRST EVER HOCKEY GAME!

New York Rangers v New Jersey Devils. Whut whuut.

Commence embarrassing tourist pictures.

It was at the one and only Madison Square Gardens. This was a magical night!

We were walking through and I saw this. I don’t know why I found it funny, but it made me laugh so I took a picture of it.

Maybe because there’s not many exclusive gluten free places in London? Maybe because I’m a dick? Who knows.

I thought maybe I’d do a ‘Food at Madison Square Gardens’ post, but then realised that was a shit idea. Here are a few photos I took for my revolutionary post anyway, in case anyone is interested.

And then it was time for the main event.

We were just a little bit excited.

When I started seeing everyone gobbling down their hot dogs and stuff, I was a little annoyed we had dinner before.

I’M LYING I TAKE IT BACK I’ll never regret that dinner. I just wish I was hungry again to eat more/I was hungry again I just had to stop myself from eating two dinners. Those days are behind me. My fault for still being such a little greedy fatty inside.

P.S: Best night ever watching the ice hockey. They get so into it when they score (think an outbreak of loud music, standing, shouting and fist pumping in unison and people running with flags), and it was just one of the greatest things we’ve done 

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