Just checking in!

Yo yo yo.

How are ya? I just wanted to say sorry for being so shit lately. Maybe I’m expecting a little too much from myself, but I try to blog every day or at least once every two days, but the past couple of weeks have been a little hectic for me, so I’m sorry about posting a little less! I’ll be getting back on track by next week though, promise – I’m taking a little holiday tomorrow so there’ll be SO many posts for you to read, hurrah!

Also, I’ve been working on a little side project which has been super exciting! I’m currently starting up Breakfast London, a website for breakfast in London, since you all know how much I love breakfast. If you haven’t already checked out @BreakfastLondon on Instagram, then please do!

Big kisses for still reading and looking at pictures of what I eat. I love each and every one of you so much. Here’s a nice picture of Crosstown Doughnuts in London to say thank you.

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