Breakfast at M1lk, London

Holy mama, is this the best breakfast in London?

Let’s just say it’s definitely up there.

M1lk is just a short walk from my cousin’s house, yet we’ve never been there. Maybe because it’s borderline Zone 3? Hmmmm.

Anyway, Boy and I have been jumping up and down at how much we wanted to go here, so I texted Bella and we all met for some Balham brekkie. It was a sunny day so Bels grabbed us a table outside (thank goodness, there was a queue forming right afterwards).

Mr. Too-Cool-For-Photos.

After a long discussion of what to order (me declaring we would share 4 dishes, then Bella and I fighting over her wanting scrambled eggs but me wanting the Young Betty with Burnt Butter Hollandaise) we went inside to order whilst Bella guarded our seats from the vultures.

So. Many. Treats.

Anzac Cookies and Lamingtons. All of my birthtown favourites.

For drinks, Boy got his morning coffee.

Bella had the Lauren smoothie, which was banana, strawberry and mango, and extremely delicious! I may have stole one too many sips than I was offered.

I went for a freshly squeezed OJ, which was as refreshing as always but super lame compared to her smoothie.

So smug.

Soon enough, our spread had arrived. Our glorious, glorious spread.

What did you order, you ask? Let me tell you.

The Sweet Maria (sweetcorn fritters, grilled halloumi, avo, kasundi, lime and added drycure bacon) which was SO good!

The Baked Eggs are something that I’ve been drooling over online for ages, so I had to order it obviously. It was a lot smaller than I thought it was, but it was also a lot more delicious than I thought as well. HELLA delicious!

They can be done two ways, but we got the one with Roast Butternut Squash, Feta and Crispy Sage. 

Their pancake special was said to be incredible by the waitress, and who are we to pass up on incredible? After the first 5 seconds of her telling us the description, we were sold.

Only problem is, I was so excited that I can’t remember exactly what she said. To describe it in an extremely basic way, it was lemon pancakes with the most delicious lemony cream and rhubarb. It was light, fluffy, and honestly one of the best pancakes I’ve had in London!

And to top it off, we got a Molly From The Country. Burford brown eggs either poached/scrambled/fried (we got scrambled, I let Bella win as you can see) on top of woodfire sourdough.

As you probably would’ve guessed by now, ridiculously good.

Although I couldn’t let us order that without a little Smashed Avo on the side.

We absolutely feasted like Queens (and King). For anyone planning to go, apparently The Convict is also the dish to get, which is like a Full English Breakfast between two English muffins. Basically, order it and tell me how it is.

We ordered the perfect amount. The acceptable amount for a weekend brunch!

We didn’t leave without Bella grabbing a couple of Anzac Cookies for the road.

I told myself I wouldn’t have any. But, yeah, I did.

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