Dinner at Drunch, London

I recently found out where people in London head to for evening shisha. This is what I did there instead.

It’s a little spot right off Bond Street called Drunch. A friend from boarding school invited me down, so I brought Sasha along with me and we went to check it out!

Only thing is, I don’t really smoke shisha. Those days of sitting outside in Spain thinking I was super cool when I was younger are behind me, after I realised that I really wasn’t.

Instead, I spent my time thinking about what to order.

And staring at the deserts. Cue heavy breathing.

We took a seat inside (outside is where the shisha is at, obviously) and got serious with our menu.

Let’s be clear, it’s main focus is shisha, and food takes second place here. Which isn’t a problem at all. I’m here to show you what to order when you get hungry between puffs.

Bea ordered a little evening caffeine..

Sasha and I took full advantage of the no alcohol here and went straight for the juices.

Hint: Get the cooler. Watermelon goodness.

After chatting about all our potential options, we sat back and let Bea decide since she knew everything on the menu. We also decided to share everything, which is my ideal situation always.

Our first order was a smaller portion of the Drunch Super Food Salad (the one on the menu is lots bigger, and we just wanted it as a side to try). A classic jumble salad.

The avocado looks a bit like cheese in this picture which is a bit weird!

Next, the Crispy Squid, which is always a good idea (am I right?).

I think my favourite was actually the Sweetcorn Fritters which is served with a salsa. Just loving the sweetcorn fritters recently! It was a little bit like a pancake.

Bea’s favourite is the Butterfly Tiger Prawns which is served in a mild garlic, red chilli, butter and lemon sauce. She loves the sauce. There’s even a bit of bread to dip it all up when you’re done.

As we ate, we kept watching the paparazzi swarm around Gigi’s, with cameras flashing every time a girl with fake tits and hair extensions stepped out of a car. I think it was a glamour model event or something.

Sasha and I said how I should run outside and have her take pictures of me with my little blogging camera, although I’d need a different outfit. And face/hair/body.

For our mains to share, we had the Salmon Teriyaki.

The Drunch Famous Cheeseburger (which is the most popular dish here apparently, although I’ve had one too many burgers to have my standards set very high I’m afraid!).

And lastly, the Chicken Milanese. 

I enjoyed the starters more than the mains. In my mind, I was ready to say that you should come and order heaps of starters to share whilst you sit outside and socialise.

But I was wrong. There is something else you should order.


Bea said her absolute favourite is the Oreo Cheesecake, but unfortunately it had run out. Dang it. She ordered us the Whoopie Cookie instead (pictured above), as she said it’s the next best thing.

I couldn’t help but drool over this super cute cheesecake though!

Since I was full, I realised maybe we should only order one dessert and sat back down. That’s when it arrived. The Whoopie Cookie, dressed in it’s glory.

It’s dark belgian chocolate cookie with a cheesecake middle. Sasha and I absolutely devoured it in about 7 seconds, despite how crazy full we were.

As we were munching away, I looked up for a split second and saw the only thing that would ever make me consider doing shisha again. Bea ran outside and got a picture of it for me, with the hottie it was with.

I give you, the Pink AK47.

It was a beauty. I can imagine getting it just to Instagram (guilty).

Before I left, I made sure I snapped a picture of the games room and hangout area downstairs.

For the shisha lovers, I’d recommend nabbing a seat out here in the summer, armed with a tea, juice and DESSERT. If anyone tries this glorious Oreo Cheesecake, let me know your thoughts!

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