Lunch at La Ola, Sete

Last weekend, Boy and I went on a weekend getaway before his birthday.
We’ve both been working super hard on our individual projects and were desperate to have a break. After so much fussing about where to go, we just booked something and crossed our fingers that it’d all work out.
After I fell in love with Sete last summer, it was the perfect chance to go back and show Boy! We got a flight to Toulouse, rented a car and drove a couple hours down to France’s coast.

I still can’t drive, so very unfortunately (for him) Boy had to drive there and back as I tried my best not to fall asleep during the ride (I fall asleep in the car a lot).

The weekend was full of pastries, bread, cheese and seafood. We had oysters every single day, and couldn’t start the morning without a croissant (or two) and cappuccino.

We had planned to go to the beach for lunch, but wandered through the indoor market in town anyway.

SO much food envy. We decided we needed to go back to eat before we left.

If you’re going to the beach from Sete, it’s only about a 10 minute drive but a LONG walk, so a car is recommended!

Mama Bridges was so worried about us driving that she kept banging on about wanting us to get a big, safe car. So look what we ended up with to ensure her that it’d all be alright.

Just to let you know, we stood out like a sore thumb in the quaint little Sete. Spot the tourists.

There are a few restaurants along the beach, but La Ola is the one you want to go to.

If you want a sun-lounger, you should book in advance.

Actually, you should just book in general. We were lucky that the owner liked us, as she gave us a 6 person table in the sun for just us 2. I think she was English. The French waitress thought she was crazy doing so.

Boy and I also decided that French people didn’t respond so well to us when we said we were from London, so we started saying where we were from originally, him being South Africa and me being Singapore, which they seemed to like better (basically travel tips what whaaat I should be a pro).

Boy poured himself a glass before remembering he had to drive back. It was Bianca and the bottle of rose from there on out.

We ordered what everyone should order on a beach in France. A big bowl of mussels and chips.

Also, any other seafood on the menu.

In our case, prawns.

Happy as anything to be in what was the sunniest day they’ve had this year, supposedly.

La Ola is a little gem in Sete. 100% must-visit if you ever decide to visit this little town!

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