The Bridges Manor x Yoga


Ming and I have been talking about starting up a non-profit club for the longest time. We wanted to host events that revolved around learning skills, well-being and meeting new, like-minded people. At the same time, we wanted to support the many charities that we are both passionate about. HUZZAH – the Bridges Manor was born!

Let’s be honest, the name came around because we were having it at our house, so that was something checked off the list. Ming did an incredible job contacting sponsors for absolutely everything – including these amazing Gaim yoga mats for the event.

We cleared out our living room for yoga.

We also took over the dining room.

Our gorgeous flowers from Petal and Grace!

Ming and I chose to support Destiny Rescue for our next few events – and incredible charity with a mission to stop child trafficking, slavery and sexual exploitation.

And look at our amazing goodie bags! Ming and I spent the night before putting them all together.

It sounds boring but it was so exciting!

Our goodness brunch was supplied by Lunch Bxd.

Now, for the girls to arrive!

We aimed to invite girls either Ming didn’t know but I did or who she knew and I didn’t know. Instagram friends who are passionate about fitness, well-being warriors and just genuinely lovely people to connect with. It worked so well because it’s an amazing way to meet new people who wanted to support this amazing cause!

It was surreal having people arrive one by one. Soon enough it was time for the class to start, run by Zoe of Jiva Yoga.

After the most amazing class (especially since it was our first ever yoga class in our own home), we gathered around the table and IT FELT LIKE CHRISTMAS MORNING IT WAS SO GOOD.

Everyone was so excited about the goodie bags, and even though I knew exactly what was in them, it still felt like I was seeing it for the first time.

Our breakfast was a Crushed avocado salad, rocket, parmesan, toasted seeds, cherry tomatoes, asparagus and basil with beetroot boiled egg & seeded crackers, as well as a pot of bircher muesli and some dried fruit treats!

And my favourite Chocolate Mylk from Rebel Kitchen – vegan and sugar free!


It was incredible meeting all my new sisters! Thank you to everyone who came and all our sponsors for supporting this incredible cause! Infinite kisses and good karma to you!

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