Yoga Supper Club: Rocket 'n' Raw

Today was another one of those events that Ming invited me along to where I had no clue what it was about. All I knew was that it was a yoga class followed by a raw vegan meal, at a secret location. I said yes, praying it would be nearby work. AND IT WAS! HOORAH!
So we ended up here.

I felt a bit bad that our parents arrived that day, but we have to put our health first, am I right? (Kidding, Ming triple-confirmed this was okay with them in order to not break our darling mother’s heart).

We walked into the hall, which is used for music rehearsals usually, and we were greeted with a candlelit room, yoga mats and two long tables at the end.

… And a piano. No one decided to pretend they were a musical genius, thank goodness (although I totally would’ve if I could play anything besides Ode To Joy).

Then, the class.

It was rocket yoga. Fast-paced, prepare-to-sweat kind of thing. I absolutely loved it! I’m not a yoga pro or anything, and I did have to resort back into child’s pose one or two times, but I gave myself a hypothetical gold star. Go me.

Rocket, done. Time for raw.

Each plate had an inspiring quote for you to think about.

That lasted a few seconds, until my tummy rumbled and the thought of food re-entered my head, like 98% of the day.

We were given Coco Face coconuts to drink with the cutest bamboo straws.

Always up for a coconut.

For starters, we had a Mexican Nacho Sharer Plate. It was raw tortillas loaded with plant-based guacamole, cheeze (not real cheese, obv), salsa and beans.

Vegan nachos may be the greatest thing, and even more so these were raw. Om nom nom.

Our mains were another sharing platter. I then realised it was a sharing meal, which I was totally down with.

It was a Raw Mezze with a sundried tomato and walnut burger, turmeric hummus and a sesame chickpea salad.

I didn’t see the salad, but there was a zucchini wrap thing and mushrooms as well.

Eh, it wasn’t really for me. Good thing I filled up on the nachos.

Just when I thought maybe raw wasn’t for me, my mind was changed. It’s a good thing THESE babies came out after to finish the meal off!

Raw Salted Caramel Millionaires Shortbread.

Oh my god, I can’t even tell you how good. My mind was BLOWN when she said the caramel was made with tahini! I’ve now decided to make these for my office bake sale and blow everyone else’s minds. 

Well and Happy told me that the recipe is on her blog, so huzzzzaahhh, bake off superstar here I come!

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