Dinner at Buvette, Paris

As our only dinner in Paris, wherever we went had to be great. We weren’t looking for anything ridiculously fancy (we’re all still students here) but something chilled with good vibes and DELICIOUS food.

Thankfully, Katie took Erin and I to that exact place.





There’s one in Paris and one in New York. I knew it had to be good.

The only problem was, it’s so popular that we arrived early to make sure we could get a seat. Unfortunately, our early is 6.30pm and the French don’t eat until much later. As you can see, the restaurant was empty.

Oh well, more for us! We stuck our noses into the menu and cocktail menu, which were like little books.




(Sorry for all the pictures, just wanted to show you how cute it was!)

Rosé o’clock continued.


Then came the food to line our stomachs. I’m currently zooming into the picture of the menu to type out what these dishes were. Commitment, I know.

As you might have seen, the menu consists of 4 sections: Tartines (open-faced sandwiches), fish, vegetables and meat. Although they have jambon (ham) galore, they veg they do are cracking. Since Katie is a veggie, I’m a transitioning veggie and Erin is happy to eat anything, we had a veggie meal.

The dishes are all to share, which I love! The first was Carottes Rapees. They’re shredded carrots with coriander and pistachios.


It doesn’t look like much but it was SO good!

Next, the Artichauts à la Grecque, which was this artichoke thing. This one wasn’t for me – I always think I like artichoke more than I actually do.


Here’s a tip – go for the tartines! They are the BOMB.

We ordered what are apparently the two faves (both veggie as well, holllaaaaaa).

First, Feves et Basilic which is Beans and Basil.


The colour is a bit eh and looks like dog food, but it was my favourite of the night. SO freaking good.

The second was also bloody delicious – Pesto aux Noix, which is a Walnut Pesto.


Creamy and perfect amounts of parmesan deliciousness. But the one before was still my fave.

The guy slyly slipped the dessert menu in front of us. Katie then proceeded to tell us how the Chocolate Mousse here is the BEST.


Well, we had to order dessert then, didn’t we? When in Paris… eat. Actually, when visiting anywhere.

I ordered an espresso because we were going out after and I needed energy to not act like a grandma and stay home watching Netflix. I’m not sure what’s happened to me, but Bianca two years ago would have downed an alcoholic shot instead.

Maybe this is what happens when you couple up. Maybe I’m more health conscious. Or maybe I’ve just discovered The Office (American version) and can literally not stop watching it.


Anyway, back to the important stuff before I get carried away talking about my favourite TV shows (cough, The Good Wife, cough).



What’s that? Did we order two? You betcha sweet ass we did.

Katie loves apple desserts so we got the Tarte Tartin because why not.


It was moist and delicious as you’d expect. Great with the cream.

But the Mousse au Chocolat. This was the king of all chocolate mousses.


It was SO thick and decadent. Once we had devoured half-way, I realised what it tasted like: chocolate icing. Like Betty Crocker’s that you can buy in the supermarket (obviously more delicious though) but it was THAT thick.

Our plates were scraped clean. I would have licked that plate if it was socially acceptable (still not, I checked).

My StalkerCam habits appeared once again. I know, I thought I’d put it to bed too, but alas my creeping days are not over. Look how DELICIOUS those cocktails look!



Big jars, colourful, cute straws, mint leaves and fruit. I wish I’d seen that when we arrived/could actually read French and know what to order.

But for anyone there, get the post up, zoom in and show the waiter what it is and order it! Yes he may think you’re a creep/crazy (especially if he’s that guy, but he was really nice so) but blame me and do it anyway.

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