Dinner at Kitty Fisher’s, London

I love birthdays, and epecially when they’re other people’s. My birthday is just a little too much pressure to do something memorable, whereas when I plan things for other people then I can go CRAZY and get so excited about how much they’ll love it!

Boy is obviously up there on my birthdays-I-love list. Since he’s away from a lot of his family and friends, I decided to get everyone to send in pictures with a message and tie them on balloons. With the help and hands of my beautiful Georgie, we stayed up till the wee hours putting our pinched fingers, sweat and lots of tears (especially when a balloon burst) into this. Even more tears happened when we woke up the next morning and they’d deflated slightly from the ceiling. Oh well, they were still pretty!


I actually owe G big time, she tied all the balloons which I didn’t understand how difficult it was until I tried to tie one at the very end and COULDN’T EVEN DO IT. I huffed and puffed and struggled, determined to do it so I didn’t feel incapable. Sadly I could not and handed it to G in defeat. I actually don’t know what I would have done without that girl!

I always take him out the night before his birthday, so it was a surprise for after we got home from dinner and drinks. I’d booked Kitty Fisher’s since I’d read really great thing about it (quote: “the new Chiltern Firehouse”) so I booked it a month in advance, and STILL had to persuade the woman on the phone for a good seating time. On a TUESDAY. Dayum this place must be good, surely.


I arrived early. The restaurant is teeny tiny, very snug both upstairs and downstairs. I sat by the bar to wait for Boy. I was seriously nervous for some reason, like we were on our first date or something. CUTE? I KNOW RIGHT.


Then disaster struck. Boy arrived and I scrolled through some pictures on my camera to show him what I’d taken of the restaurant, and I accidentally hit the picture of the balloons. I legit teared up since I was so freaking sad the surprise was ruined. ALL THOSE BLOODY HOURS AND BALLOONS AND I’D NEVER GET TO SEE A SURPRISED FACE. At least he didn’t know about the messages yet…

Soon our table was ready and we snuggled up between the other tables, as well as the waitors and waitresses passing by us.





I was so hungry (and needed some sad eating from the ruined surprise) so we got some bread for the table (not free bread, you have to pay for it here).

It wasn’t just any bread either. It was Bread & Burnt Onion Butter.



It seems that the ‘Burnt Onion Butter’ was burnt bread and scraping the burnt bits onto the butter? Not for me. Not sure what this burnt trend is, and I get that it’s trying to be different, but it would have tasted a whole lot better if it was different someway else. Not by burning food…

The butter (without the burnt topping) was creamy and delicious though!

For the starters, we got the Whipped Cod’s Roe, Bread & Fennel Butter.


It was really delicious. It seemed really simple, piped on top of bread, but I’m sure there was much more behind the Whipped Cod’s Roe.

The Breaded Cornish Mussels & Wild Garlic Mayonnaise was ridiculously good. I was popping them back! The mayo was SO delicious with it. One of the highlights of then night!


Next, Cornish Crab, Barbecued Cucumber, Dill & Seaweed.


This was… eh. I wouldn’t order it again.

On the other hand, I would order the Grilled Tropea Onion, Goat’s Curd, Brown Butter & Smoked Almonds.


More goat’s cheese would have been dandy though to go with the onions. Had to ratio it out, which was very stressful.

Boy and I usually share our mains, but I was cutting down on meat that wasn’t fish, so I had the Turbot with Fennel, Bouillabaisse Sauce & Monks Bread. Very yamma.


Boy went for the Ox Cheek, Champ, Spring Onion & Spinach. Sozza for such a blurry picture.

He said it was delicious but super rich, as ox cheek should be.


I got a side of Purple Sprouting Broccoli and Courgette.

Geez, this restaurant really likes grilling everything.


I was super excited for the next surprise of the evening, the drinks! Boy had a little caffeine kick to get ready for the rest of the night.


I’m going to mix things up and put our drinks in the next blog post. But here’s what happened with the balloons.

We got home, I swung open the door in excitement and…… they’d deflated. ALL OF THEM HAD DEFLATED ON THE BED.

Boy then saw there were things attached on them, and said awkwardly “Awww.. you put pictures on them…” obviously thinking I’d been super lame and put 40 pictures of us together with cringe poems or something on the back. He then realised in fact I was super cool (duh) and had gotten his family & friends to write things and send pictures, and was the happiest Boy I’ve seen in a while.



  1. kerry
    September 3, 2015 / 2:26 pm

    this made me laugh! Great Blog!

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