Dinner at Tramshed, London

It’s now become a tradition that I take Boy out the night before his birthday so we can celebrate his birthday as it turns midnight. Then we can hang out with his friends the night of his birthday and suddenly I’m the cool non-demanding girlfriend. Yes.

Since one of the only reason Boy is with me is because of my stellar restaurant knowledge, I had the job to pick the restaurant. I went for Tramshed because I thought it would be great for groups AND I’VE ALWAYS WANTED TO GO. So that was settled.


There are two things you need to be aware of:

1. Check out Damien Hirst’s artwork as the centrepiece of the room.

2. Tramshed is all about two things: Chicken and Steak.


If I was making social interactions I’d need wine to repress my social anxiety.


There was then the decision: do I enjoy my wine (I prefer red as you know – I like white with fish or a really good white, not house white) or have raging red wine teeth and lips?

There was never really a choice, was there?


Steph got a nice little Dalston Iced Tea too.


Luke’s friend Tannah took the lead with food (as he does) and ordered for everyone, which I was okay with as long as he ordered the chicken I saw on Instagram.

Now we chat, but really I was counting down till the food came.




I was cutting my pork intake so I didn’t have any of these, but Luke said that the Moyallon pork crackling with Bramley apple sauce was delicious!


There was also the Wye Valley asparagus, Portland crab and pea shoot salad, which was good, but not the most memorable.


Then the Buttermilk chicken with holy fff… mayonnaise, which was SO good! Like a ball of meat on the bone.


The Cock ‘n’ bull croquettes were also super good. A mix of chicken and beef.

P1420529   P1420524

Since it was Boy’s birthday, I felt it was compulsory that he take a birthday shot.

There was a Cock Shot and a Bull Shot. I ordered him the Cock Shot for obvious reasons.


He sipped it like a pussy and squeeled at how rank it was. He downed it like a champ at the end though.

Good birthday boy.


The sauces then came out in full force. Food was definitely about to happen.


The first to arrive was the Rib on the bone. It’s 1kg for 2-3 to share, so a few showed up.



The next was the one thing (okay second thing, I’ll come to that later) I wanted to order. The Roast barn-reared Indian Rock chicken with stuffing and chips.



Holy mama.

A fair few sides were ordered too. The Chervil buttered spring greens..


The Grilled field mushrooms with wild garlic… (SO GOOD).


Salt ‘n’ vinegar onion rings


Lettuce heart salad with Tewkesbury mustard



As they cleared the plates, we ordered the dessert I’d been waiting for.

But first, Boy’s birthday cake (slice)!



He had a bite and didn’t really want the rest, so I had it. I can confirm it was chocolatey goodness.

Then it happened. The moment I’d been waiting for. Salted caramel fondue with marshmallows and doughnuts.



YES. DREAMS DO COME TRUE. Who’s birthday is it really?

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