Drinks at Cahoots, London

Boy’s surprise birthday evening continued onto drinks. He had no idea where I was taking him, which I loved. Unfortunately, thanks to my fantastically shite sense of direction, I had no idea where I was taking him either.

It’s disguised as an underground station at Kingly Court, so I just looked for the sign…


Cahoots is just great. It’s an underground speakeasy and the staff dress up and speak like they’re from that era. I love it.

After giving them the required password to let them know we had a reservation, we plopped along down the stairs. It’s made to look like an underground station, even with a tube carriage.



They also have live music on most nights. Our piano player was incred.


And the menus were on newspapers! It just keeps getting cuter.



There were all sorts of drinks presented in all sorts of ways. SO many options. THERE WERE EVEN DRINKS IN FLASKS DAMMIT THIS IS AN INSTAGRAMMING HAVEN.


I decided to go for one in the Starlet & Sirens section, and narrowed it down to a couple of choices.

I questioned the waitress when she came over until she helped me narrow it down. It’s a tough job, I can’t do it myself. First world problems.


They also give you free popcorn! I love getting free popcorn!


I decided to perv on people’s food. I know, I’m a nosey little shit.

I flipped out about this guy having toasties. TOASTIES AT A BAR. IS THIS NOT THE GREATEST THING IN THE WORLD?!?!

I went all stalker cam on his ass. I really hope he never finds this (sorry you looked like you were enjoying yourself).


I also made sure Boy and I got a photo, because during his last birthday we didn’t get one and he regretted it bad. So this time we DID get one.

… And he ends up looking like a massive creep and never wants anyone to see it. Well that was pointless. I’m putting it up anyway because I look cute and he would want that for me.


Boy’s cocktail arrived in a mug! It was one of the ones in the Tommies & Dickies section, but I can’t remember exactly the name (and neither can he)…. saaaarryyyyyy.


I remember specifically that I got the Vera Lynn in the end (because I didn’t – and still don’t – know who she was). It’s a gorgeously sweet blend of Tanqueray No. Ten gin, Stone’s Ginger Wine, Apple Juice, Pear Purée, Lime Juice and Elderflower Cordial.



We stayed for one cocktail because we are now old people and we had work tomorrow and we’d be drinking every night for the rest of the week sooooo leave us alone.

Also I was excited about the balloon surprise but I told you how that one ended already in the last post. If you missed it, better get to it!

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