The Rest of Sete

Hi lovlies! I’m FINALLY back in action, and for realsies this time! Do you like the new layout?

I know you’ve been waiting God knows how long for the rest of the Sete trip, so I’ve pushed it all together in one go because I’m seriously behind on my posts now! As I said before, it was a pretty chilled trip, so there’s not that much to tell you anyway, just lots of pretty pictures!

On our last day of our super adorable weekend trip, we HAD to climb up to the top of the hill in Sete. I crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t nearly pass out like I did the first time…

After getting a little lost (how the hell do we find the route to the hill?!) and a lot of searching reviews on Tripadvisor hoping someone would put the entrance road, we made it!





The view was so pretty, how could I not take a million pictures (and force Boy to stand there – “BUT IT LOOKS SO GOOD!”)

After the walk, which wasn’t actually as long as I remembered it to be, we rewarded ourselves the only way you should during the morning in France. With pastries.




Boy had two croissants. I had my classic pain au chocolat, which I love, half because it reminds me of having to fight for them in boarding school. We also got 2 friands each since Boy fell in love with them after I showed them to him.

Oh, but the eating didn’t stop there. Boy was determined to get one last dozen of oysters before we left, so we went and got a table outside the indoor market. As he got a seat, I scurried off to get Sete’s famous pie…



And Fabrique de Tielles Sophie Cianni & Co. is THE place to get it. It ain’t look too bad, either.


I arrived back proudly to find that Boy was pretty proud with himself too, having ordered us a beer and a glass of rose (you can guess which was mine, hmmm?)


Oh pretty pie, you’re so beautiful.

The only thing is we forgot a fork and knife, so we attempted to eat it with our hands in the most socially acceptable manner possible, which was pretty much not at all.


We ate a good quarter before putting it away for our car journey back, as well as making room for these babies..



You’d think we’d be full by now. We were trying to squeeze as much out of Sete as we possibly could.

Which meant soft-serve ice-cream, obviously.






We kind of prepared ourselves mentally that we were leaving that day, so by 1pm we were pretty much done and dusted. We strolled around a little and sat on a bench looking at the water, soaking up as much sun as we could before we headed back to the car, our things all already packed up inside.



Okay, so it was 1pm and our flight wasn’t until about 8. We had SO long before we needed to drive back to Toulouse, which was supposed to only take about 2 and a half hours.

We decided to be little adventurers and explore the nearby area, driving as much by the coast as possible.


We were also looking for a bakery to get a baguette for the flight home. There is NOTHING like a French baguette, okay? (We already bought the cheese. Fully prepared for this flight).


We drove through lots of tiny little towns. It was so weird to think how off the grid it seemed yet so many people lived there. I think that’s just my mindset since I’ve always lived in a busy cuty.

Our efforts of a bakery were failing, but we did find signs to a beach, which we followed. Obviously.



We had absolutely no bloody clue where we were. There was a very, VERY narrow road with water on either side that took us off to this little island. It had a carpark (which was rustling with people) so we kind of just followed the crowd.







Still no clue where we were, we followed everyone through the road for a half an hour walk. There was a tram taking people to and from somewhere, so we guessed it was the beach. It was so sunny that I was genuinely afraid my milky skin was going to get burned. I refused to face that kind of embaressment after 3 days away.

Alas, the beach!


Only problem: We didn’t plan for the beach. This meant I was not in my bikini, and Boy was a bastard since he constantly wears swimming shorts all weekend. I was also on the verge of burning and stood in the shade. Ultimate beach fail.

I was a rebel though and we walked up the beach anyway until we felt like we had gotten enough out of it. We didn’t drive all this way for nothin.

Okay, TOULOUSE HERE WE COME! There was a sign for strawberries so of course we stopped. Me like strawberries.



P1420384  P1420394

Okay, maybe it wasn’t Toulouse quite yet. We drove to Montpellier to continue our hunt for a baguette. It was slim pickings since it was verging on 4pm and it was a Sunday.

We ended up at the most random outdoor market/fete/thing. There were heaps of stalls and even this flower exhibition inside a hall. The grounds were so pretty though, so we explored a bit (and used the toilet, guilty).



Alas, no baguette. We hung our heads and waddled back to the car, saddened by the thought of Easy Jet food.

Good news (kind of): We stopped at a petrol station to buy a baguette (and ice-cream), and French petrol station baguette is still better than most English baguette.

Bad news: There were 2 accident so our 2 1/2 hour trip turned into 6 hours. We thought we’d have time to explore Toulouse when really we were lucky we even made our flights, which we wouldn’t had have if I didn’t turned on my Google Maps to reroute us. We smugly ate our baguette and cheese on the plane, ignoring the cheesey smell, as I planned gym classes for the week.


  1. Valerie
    June 20, 2015 / 11:51 pm

    Your top’s so pretty! Where did you get it from?

  2. Jessica
    July 5, 2015 / 5:01 am

    I think the top is from Zara!

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