Brunch at Vintage Salt, London

I’ve recently been scouting out the best places to eat brunch in London this summer for an article coming up on Breakfast London.

I stumbled across Vintage Salt, on the roof of Selfridges. How did I not know about this before? Have I lived under a rock?

The restaurant on the roof in Selfridges changes a couple of times a year. Do you remember last summer?


Everything about it is like a summer beach shack. I think it’s been so well done, not that I’d expect anything less at Selfridges!





Inside is pretty great. It was a little cloudy so the roof was on, but Mama B would have gotten cold anyway!




We turned to the breakfast menu, which was categorised by ‘Healthy’, ‘Hearty’ and ‘Happy’.


I also had a glance at the main menu. How great is the weather forecast for the week on the top?


Mum and Ming shared a couple of juices. They were the same as Q-Grill I remember. They got the Orchard – Pear, spinach, cucumber, basil, lime, coconut water, and the Hollywood – Carrot, orange, turmeric, mint leaves.

Turmeric was a little too strong for my tastes!


I was won over by the Pink Lemonade since it sounded so pretty. Fresh lemon juice, sugar, water, raspberry purée.

A couple of sips in, I realised I was trying to cut down on sugar… Whoops.


Soon, brunch was served.


At first we were ordering individually, but as we usually do, ended up ordering 3 different things to share. Typical.

The first was my personal choices, the Spiced avocado on wholemeal toast and soft poached eggs.



So good, I just wanted more.

Next, the “Open” Cornish crab & chilli omelette which was also great.



Lastly, the Summer Fruit Plate with Frozen Kentish Strawberry Yogurt.


Ming was really excited by how she described it, picturing like a soft-serve of froyo on top. It didn’t look as we expected, but it was still good. I liked the idea of froyo on it instead of normal yogurt – super summery.

I couldn’t not order a side of Truffled Chips too.



As expected, these were inhaled.

None of us were really that hungry for dessert, but I’d seen pictures and we needed to order one. We were trying to decide from 3 – The Brownie Sundae Dip, the Chocolate Burger and the Vintage Salt Cigar. In fact, every single one looked amazing, but if you get the chance to try all 3, do it (and yes the chocolate burger is exactly what it sounds like). Actually, try them ALL.

We went with the Brownie Sundae Dip in the end. It was like a deconstructed dream.




You needed to see it from all angles.

Also, if you’re up there on a hot day, 100% try one of their champagne or Bellini pops. It’s like an alcoholic Callipo. For the picture, if not anything else!


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