Dinner at Som Saa, London

I’ve never heard of Som Saa, I’ll be honest. So when Singha beer invited me down to dinner there, I happily accepted! Love trying somewhere new.

Little did I know just how cool and just how great the place was. I gave it a quick Google search whilst at work, and the reviews were just insane! It’s in Climpson Arch, and just… wow. Such a good shout for a sunny day!





The table above is where we were all sat. I’d brought Boy along as my sidekick, which is a good thing because I’d been at work drinks and was already a little tipsy. Someone needed to hold my head up at the table.

But instead, this was put in front of me. Hello, Singha!



I just wanted to quickly point out that this is not a sponsored post! I’ve (very sadly) not been paid or anything like that, or made a deal to blog or anything, I’ve just been invited along and I wanted to bring my camera to show you all the place. This post is so late I bet they’ve given up any hope of me blogging anyway! I’ll always state if anything is sponsored, and I’d never write about something crap and say it’s great.

Just wanted to clear that up so you don’t think I’m a sell out. Although I would very much like to get paid to eat and drink, don’t get me wrong. If I had any balls to ask for money that is. I’m very happy with food.

I looked at the menu that we were being served tonight. Oh yes, very happy with food.



Cheeky little bit of Signha on the back. Chai YO!

The collab was to show how well Sigha goes with Thai food. Well, I guess I better get eating to find out…

There were so many things, all delicious, so I’ll save both our time and just tell you what each was. First up, Jan Naem – grilled fermented pork with cabbage, ginger, peanuts and chilli.


Laap Pla Dip – Northen style raw fish ‘laap’ of arctic char.


Tua Prik Krob – Thai cashew nuts with kaffir lime, dried chilli and lemongrass.


We chowed down the starters and more beer was going down with it.

As you know I’m not at all a beer girl, but one or two when the sun’s out is loveeeeely.


As the sun started to set a little, we headed inside to finish off the meal in the warmth.

It’s a coffee roaster by day, apparently.





No more sun + very tipsy Bianca meant I was now stocking up on the water.


And food. Lots more food.

Such as bò lá lôtVietnamese style lemongrass beef in betel leaf with pickles, peanuts and herbs. (Veggie took another step back tonight – these were SO GOOD).


Hoi Shen Yang – Grilled queen scallops with a red ‘nam jim’.


Gai Yang – Grilled chicken leg with ‘jaew’ dipping sauce (SO GOOD).



Lil baskets of sticky rice (fantastic with the chicken, FYI).



Yum Makeua Yao – Smoky aubergine salad with egg, prawn gloss, coriander and mint. 

Love a bit of egg.


Nam Prik Num – Grilled green chilli relish served with pork scratchings, fresh vegetables and herbs.


Som Tam Thai – Green papaya salad (Bangkok style).


Hoi Lai Samun Phrai – Steamed clams with wild ginger and thai herbs.


Geng hung lay – Northen pork belly curry with picked garlic and ginger


Before the food began, I’d announced I was no longer eating meat that wasn’t fish so they arranged a veggie version. Yes, this was before I munched down the beef, pork and chicken.

I’m a bad person.


Last of all, and the most impressive looking, was the Nam Dtok Pla Thort – Deep fried seabags with isaan herbs and roasted rice powder.



The meal was fantastic, the people were great, but I was so tired by this point (probably why I got tipsy so quickly) that Boy had to whisk me home before I collapsed.

I’d also like to point out that as I type this, I’ve successfully not eaten meat (bar fish) for nearly three weeks! Woooohoooo! I realise I need to stop with fish too, but it’s a work-in-progress. Think I’ll write a post about my decision to go veggie soon, so keep updated!

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