The Best Australian Bakers on Instagram

Okay, so not being in Sydney, actually, just not in Australia, sucks. Yes, I was born there and so it’s inevitably one of my favourite places in the world, but I also follow countless amounts of Instagram accounts that make me cry inside. No, I’m not talking about the beach babes who are constantly bronzed and playing in the sunshine (phffft Australian winter…) but the baking accounts. Oh my god.

These guys know how to bake and they are absolutely INCREDIBLE. I’ve never seen cakes like them. I want to come back to Sydney, go to Melbourne, or go wherever just to order all of these cakes and desserts and prance between them with a fork in my hand, taking pictures of them until I can photograph no more. These accounts are just too unbelievable not to share with you. I hope you love the as much as I do!

Katherine Sabbath – @Katherine_Sabbath


Cakes By Cliff – @CakesByCliff  


A photo posted by Cakes By Cliff (@cakesbycliff) on


Nectar & Stone – @NectarAndStone


A photo posted by nectar & stone (@nectarandstone) on


Nikki Lee – @UnbirthdayBakery  


Andrew Bowden – @AndyBowdy


A photo posted by Andrew Bowden (@andybowdy) on


Alisha Henderson – @SweetBakes_  


A photo posted by alisha henderson (@sweetbakes_) on


Spoon & Fork Sydney – @SpoonAndFork_Sydney 


Let me know if you have any favourites that I need to check out!

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