Anjali’s 21st Birthday at Hush, London

The 21st dinners continue!

Tonight it was Anjali’s dinner, who I went to school with in Singapore and have known since I was a wee young un’ and we were in a girl band together with our friend Lara. Sure, it was lip syncing, but we had matching pink outfits that we wore to our performance and that was all that mattered.

Anyway, the dinner was in a private room at Hush, Mayfair.


I have anxiety about being late so I made sure I was right on time. At least these three chicas were there too!


I didn’t really know too many people there so I made sure I got started on the drinks… There was a choice between an Elderflower cocktail and a Strawberry cocktail.



I wanted the strawberry one more but the elderflower had a flower on top, and, well, I really couldn’t pass that up.


I got the strawberry one after anyway. Win-win.


We chatted away until more and more people arrived, and finally it was time to sit down. I love sitting down. It also meant we’d be eating food soon.



They put our orders of starter, main and dessert (which we’d sent in before the dinner) on the top of our place cards.


And then there it was. The start of food. Hooray for bread!


Anjali made sure I was next to two really great people, so the whole evening was a lot of fun to chat away.

The guy to my right weirdly had a whole bunch of mutual friends with me, and each person was from a completely random part of my life. The lovely girl to my left actually reads my blog, which was amazing! Feeling like a celeb, no? Gutted I didn’t take pictures of us all together!



And it started.

I went for the Truffled Artichoke Soup.


The other options were the Oak Smoked Salmon with Black Pepper, Lemon and Toasted Sourdough Bread…


… And the Grilled Peppers with Crumbled Feta, Capers and Basil, but I didn’t see anyone order that one!

For mains, I went for Baked Seabass with Spiced Lentils and Wild Rocket.


There was also the Rump of Welsh Lamb with Provencal Vegetables and Black Olive Dressing.


And lastly, the veggie option of Roasted Roots, Mixed Grains and Goat’s Cheese.


There were a few sides scattered around the table of potatoes and beans.



Yes, I realise I must be a delight to sit next to at dinner. “WAIT PLEASE DON’T TOUCH IT YET CAN I TAKE A PICTURE THANK YOU”.

Then, dessert. Oh the dessert.

This was a tough choice, but I went with the White Chocolate and Earl Grey Crème Brulee. Great choice, Bianca.


However, the Mars Bar Cheesecake with Crème Fraîche was also a fantastic choice. Ughh can I just have both…



The evening the carried on with speeches, cake and more drinks.


Everyone headed out to party after but Grandma Bianca had to go home. I can’t remember my reasoning, I think I had work. Or something.

But I made sure to get a snap with the birthday girl first.


Happy birthday, Anjali!

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